‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Brutally Slamming Piper Perabo’s Character After Season 5 Debut Scene

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

The fourth episode of Yellowstone season five makes its debut Sunday night. And while we’re at the edge of our seats waiting to see what comes next in the war between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), some fans have turned their attention to a different character—Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins. Summer made her season five debut during last week’s episode, “Horses In Heaven.” Since then, Yellowstone fans slammed the character online due to her controversial welcome-back scene.

The negative commentary began on Instagram when Yellowstone‘s official account shared a brief clip featuring the first scene between John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and Summer since she was imprisoned. After she was freed from jail and ran into John at the gates, Summer told the rancher, “Just so you know, I just went a year without sex which is the longest I’ve gone since the first time I had it, and I’m still not f—ing you.”

John, resigned by her bluntness, assures Summer, “Our relationship will be purely professional.”

If you caught the most recent episode of Yellowstone, then you know that promise was a straight-up lie, instead leading to a rather humorous scene between Beth and Summer at the Dutton homestead. While series creator Taylor Sheridan could have intended the reintroduction of Piper Perabo’s character to provide more onscreen light-heartedness, fans weren’t too impressed.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Demand Writers Get Rid of Summer Higgins

Multitudes of Yellowstone fans flocked to the comments section following the post, demanding that writers get rid of the character.

One person said, “How significant is this role? It seems like a waste of screentime.” Apparently, plenty of other fans felt the same way because since the post went live Friday, their comment has seen more than 80 likes.

A second Yellowstone fan begged, “Please get rid of this character,” while a third complained, “Stop trying to make this character happen. Its almost unanimous every time you post her, that we all want her off the show.”

Several fans even argued that Perabo’s character could use a trip to the “train station.” If you know, you know.

Among all the complaints about Piper Perabo’s character and her acting, another Instagram user demanded that Yellowstone writers give John a different romantic interest—one that we’ve already met, and adds serious value to the show.

“Not digging Summer with John,” they wrote. “It should be Lynelle [Perry].”

Perry, played by actress Wendy Moniz, meshes well with the remainder of Yellowstone‘s beloved characters. She made her debut as a recurring character in season one and maintains an ongoing flirtationship with Governor John Dutton. John, while preoccupied with Summer Higgins, continues to show affection for Lynnelle Perry, even as the senator prepares for her new role in Washington, D.C.