‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Convinced Rip Wheeler Is Attacking a Fan Favorite in Season 4 Trailer

by Jacklyn Krol

Yellowstone fans believe that they know who is fighting and why.

After the trailer dropped for Season 4 of the hit Paramount show, fans couldn’t help but speculate the identity of the person that Lloyd is seen beating up. User @ChubbyBeardMan on Reddit believes that he knows who it is.

Rip is the one seen beating up Lloyd in the trailer. If you slow it down by frame you can see Rip’s beard, jacket and sunglasses. Can’t wait to find out why he done it,” he wrote.

Fans requested frame by frame screenshots to confirm that it is, in fact, Rip and Lloyd. While we can’t confirm anything, the man does have a beard. Could it be Rip? Another fan gave a different take on the situation.

“It could also be a misdirect,” they noted. “It’s not uncommon for footage to be made for trailers that never makes it in the actual show or movie.”

Someone else questioned if it has something to do with Jimmy falling off the horse again. Could he be injured or dead?

Potential Situations

Another fan added that they saw a clip of Walker and Lloyd fighting. They added, “I believe Walker is the one who gets shot and falls in the river with the white hat.”

What would make Rip attack Lloyd? Some fans agree that it would have to be something catastrophic. One user put it best: Lloyd is responsible for both the safety and wellbeing of the ranch.

“It’s clear something happened or went wrong someone dies or something on the property,” they speculated. “So Rip does what Rip does.”

Another responded that Lloyd would have had to commit a cardinal sin for Rip to beat him so viciously. Especially when Rip asked Lloyd to be his best man.

One fan put it best. “The good news is we only have to wait 55 days to find out if this theory is true or not. The bad news is we have to wait 55 days to find out.”

‘Yellowstone’ 1883 Cast

Although Yellowstone is a staple, fans will have more of it to love with the spinoff, 1883 coming soon.

Billy Bob Thornton is the latest addition to the cast. He will be portraying the character of Marshal Jim Courtright. He has been described as a lawman who encounters the Duttons on their travels.

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be portraying James and Margaret Dutton. Sam Elliott will be playing the role of Shea Brennan, a Pinkerton agent who is aiding the Duttons.

McGraw sang creator Taylor Sheridan’s praises about the upcoming prequel. . “This is truly a dream job. (‘Yellowstone’ creator) Taylor (Sheridan) has found a way of storytelling that brilliantly creates these epic dramas and family sagas with so much depth and creativity,” he said.