‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Debating Season 4’s Immense Focus on Horses

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone fans have coined the segments “horsey go spinny,” and they’re dividing audiences like nothing else on the show.

If there’s one thing that’s making audiences question Yellowstone Season 4 so far, it’s definitely the focus on horses and Texas over the Dutton’s familial drama. It’s no secret that Paramount Network and Taylor Sheridan are setting up spinoffs 6666 and 1883, but fans are beginning to take issue with the amount of focus placed on setting up other shows.

Take AmericanWanderlust on Reddit’s Yellowstone board, for example. He asked fellow fans for the “Over/Under on Horse Spinning Montage(s) Tonight?” ahead of Season 4, Episode 5, followed by his hysterical breakdown of things to come:

“Looks like a potentially busy week with some OG Yellowstone delights in the trailer — Kayce and Agent Hendon beat up some protesters… John, throwing his weight around like the good old days, corruptly invites one to dinner… Beth schemes; Jamie tries to appease Adopto Dad even if it’s gonna crush his newfound relationship with Bio Dad…

“But what I really want to know is if we get more horse porn? Also a random Jimmy appearance,” the Redditor concludes. Although “horse porn” is a tad egregious, there’s no arguing with the sentiment here.

Duttons Sidelined for Spinoffs & Horses?

A few episodes, in particular, have been showcases for show creator Taylor Sheridan’s Travis Wheatley character. It’s pretty remarkable to see these incredible animals and trainers on display (which includes Sheridan, whose skills are undeniable), but as another Yellowstone fan says:

“I don’t mind it because it’s a world I don’t know anything about, but if they’re going to use the horse competitions as a plot point, I actually want to know more about it,” cites IWILLWASTEYOU. “All we know is it’s very expensive to get into that world but it can make you a lot of money too. But that’s it. None of the details of that world.”

“I think this is a fantastic point,” agrees JJackson25. “I, like much of the audience, knows f***all about this event. But Bull/bronc riding? Most of us have an idea of how that works. Try to stay on as long as you can. The goal is 8 seconds. Points are awarded for style.

“Calf roping? Get the rope around the tiny cow. Event is timed.”

“Barrel racing? Crazy girl on big animal does figure 8 around barrels for time.

“Horsey go spinny? I’m guessing judged on style and technique? But what are the criteria? For all I know you’re supposed to spin the horse until it throws up,” Jackson concludes.

Ten points to you, sir, for “Horsey go spinny.” The real sport, however, has a name:

Reining is What You’re Seeing on ‘Yellowstone’

For those who are curious, the equine sportsmanship on display lines up with reining. When horse and rider enter the arena, they begin with a score of 70. From there, they’ll perform a set of maneuvers that determine their final score based on skill, correctness, and ease of performance by the horse.

The goal is to keep that score at 70 and not have points docked. On Yellowstone, we’re seeing horses perform spinning, stopping (looks like sliding), as well as circles and lead changes.

Outsider will have an in-depth breakdown of reining for our fellow Yellowstone fans soon.