‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Freaking Out After ‘Y:1883’ Teaser Airs During Super Bowl LV

by Jon D. B.

Many Yellowstone fans are catching the prequel’s teaser for the first time during Super Bowl LV – and their reactions are priceless.

Tonight, during the NFL’s big game, millions were watching as the teaser promo for Y:1883 hit screens. It’s excellent exposure for the first Yellowstone spinoff, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Yellowstone is such a great modern Western! Can’t wait to see their take on the Old West!” tweets Yellowstone fan Matt. Well said – our sentiments exactly! Others are showing their excitement by proclaiming the promo as the absolute best part of the night:

“Way more intrigued by that 15 second @Yellowstone promo than ANYTHING ELSE TONIGHT,” shouts Sarah Colbenson. All-caps is absolutely warranted, Sarah. We still can’t believe Y:1883 is coming, either.

Super Bowl LV viewer and obvious fellow-fan Wes Patridge tweets “That Yellowstone teaser is the highlight of the night.”

Patrick Rosenquist agrees, tweeting “Did I just see an ad for a Yellowstone origin story series? Yes!”

We’re right there with you, gents! J.R. Bowyer agrees, too, tweeting that he “Can’t wait! Yellowstone is the most underrated show on tv, and Taylor Sheridan’s writing is so good.”

“Forget the #SuperBowl THERES GONNA BE A #YELLOWSTONE PREQUEL,” joins in fellow fan Meg, as well. Right behind her, fan Will tweets “A Yellowstone prequel??? Uh yeah sign me up.”

Paramount+, the new incarnation of Paramount Network that will stream 1883, is in on the excitement, too, replying to Will’s tweet with “Saddle up!”

Have You Watched the Yellowstone: 1883 Teaser Yet?

If you’re catching up, don’t worry! We’re covering anything and everything 1883 here on Outsider. As massive fans of Yellowstone, we cannot wait to watch a period-correct Western unfold – featuring the ancestors of John Dutton, no less!

“I don’t care if you live or die. But should you live, you tell them about me…”

So says the ominous voiceover in the Super Bowl LV teaser. It gives us an immediate glimpse into the tone of the Yellowstone prequel, which you can view below courtesy of Paramount+’s gametime tweet.

Even more revealing, however, is the show’s official synopsis. Within, we’re told that 1883 will follow the ancestors of John Dutton and his children “as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains towards the last bastion of untamed America.”

In doing so, Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan promises “a stark retelling of Western expansion.” Music to any fan’s ears. Moreover, 1883 will serve as “an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land – Montana.”

Sounds like the Duttons have always been fighters. Are we surprised? Of course not. But we’re damn excited!

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