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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over Rip Wheeler Actually Laughing

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight’s episode of Yellowstone gave us plenty to talk about. However, one of the more surprising moments was seeing Rip Wheeler laughing.

The Cole Hauser character usually keeps it serious. He is big, tough, and many times rough around the edges. So, tonight when fans saw his interaction with Carter, it was worth noting! Seeing the softer side of Rip is a nice reminder that the character is more than his tough exterior.

I mean, just take a look at Rip’s top quotes from this season and tell me that seeing him laughing isn’t a big deal. With all that has gone down the last two weeks on Yellowstone, he deserves to have a happy moment. He even called Carter, “son.” Read into that what you will.

Many fans in the replies to the tweet above pointed out that he wasn’t likely going to keep laughing. There is always something going on at the ranch. That includes Beth being up to her flirtatious ways among other issues.

Fans React to Seeing Rip Laugh

Right off the bat, Yellowstone fans were quick to point out Beth’s misdeeds in the replies. However, there were some other jokes and genuine reactions as well.

Wendi Lea (@wblack1125) replied, “Ain’t gonna be laughing long with Beth out in the barn with dude.” Another fan, @snwqn said, “That will change when he finds Walker singing for Beth.”

Also in the replies, fans were glad that Carter was smiling as well as Rip. There aren’t two people on the show that deserve to have a nice moment than those two. So, of course, viewers were happy to see the two getting along.

“I’m kind of liking the relationship between Rip and “the boy” now,” @PamelaJ1027 said. “So much better than when Carter first arrived on the ranch.”

SharonG said, “Rip doesn’t laugh enough, [nor] does Carter. Love Carter’s sass to Teeter.”

The consensus is in and Yellowstone fans are all very happy about the interaction. Sometimes when the show starts to get a little more intense, these moments are nice to reflect on. The Duttons can often get into serious interactions and situations.

‘Yellowstone’ Carter Gets to Ride a Horse

This was a big episode for Carter. He was really involved in this episode and it looks like things are looking up for the young character. Finn Little does a great job in the role. It wasn’t just his sass to Teeter and laugh with Rip. Even John Dutton took time to do something with Carter.

John, the patriarch of Yellowstone pulled Carter to the side and taught him some things on horseback. The kid had never ridden a horse before. So, he got his first lesson. It seems like Carter is going to be brought into the fold after all.