‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over This Pic of Luke Grimes and His Wife on Vacation

by TK Sanders

Yellowstone actor Luke Grimes, who plays fan-favorite Kayce Dutton on the hit show, recently posted a steamy picture of him and wife, Bianca, on vacation. Filming reportedly began on season 5 of Yellowstone recently, so maybe Grimes snuck in one last quick getaway before his own scenes begin shooting.

Luke and Bianca got married in 2018 and apparently love traveling together. Some of their “travels” even mean moving for work when it necessitates. In an interview reported by Country Living, Grimes said he actually moved to Montana when he fell in love with the show’s real-life setting.

“So I’ve ended up moving to Montana, and now I live there,” he said. “I live where we shoot the show, which I might not have found without being up there so much and seeing that world through the eyes of this character and then actually really for real falling in love with the lifestyle.”

Bianca, a model from Brazil, loves posting pictures of the couple looking good in different parts of the world. In one photo, Bianca wears a blue bikini as she cozies up to Luke. The couple looks tanned and relaxed in the casual selfie. Bianca added the caption, “Anywhere with you.”

Fans of the show flooded the comment section with well-wishes and the occasional jealous comments. Most commenters simply said that the two look beautiful and happy, and that they’re ready for more Yellowstone.

According to Luke Grimes, we’re all lucky to still have Kayce Dutton on the show at all

In an April interview with Gold Derby, Grimes spoke to many aspects of the show, including its politics, its family values, and his opinions about awards. Funny enough, though, Grimes said he was surprised that his character even lived past season 3.

Rewind to the end of the third installment: fans will remember that the Duttons were down bad after an attack. Coincidentally, the world was suffering from the effects of a new, pandemic-influenced world in which entertainment shows could not even shoot reliably. It made for interesting times for both Grimes and the entire show.

“I remember going into season four, we all felt so lucky that we were able to shoot […] having what had gone on in the world. And we’re like ‘is this going to be possible’ and thank God we had such an amazing team of people who helped us do it safely and all that. So that just felt so lucky to be there after having quarantined for so long.”

He continued, speaking about the last scene of the season. “It had been a while since we had shot that thing at the end of three. And I remember thinking ‘how is it possible that someone gets out of this situation.’ I think I even asked [Taylor Sheridan] ‘do I die? Am I dead now? Is this over?’ He’s like ‘no, you make it,’ I was like ‘okay, thank God.’”