‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Losing It Over ‘1923’ Prequel Teaser Release

by Suzanne Halliburton
Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob & Cara Dutton in 1923. (Photo credit: James Minchin III/Paramount+)

The Yellowstone premiere Sunday also gave fans another gift. That’s the trailer for 1923, the new series which stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

The new series, which is a Yellowstone prequel and another time jump in the Dutton saga, premieres Dec. 18 on Paramount+. It’s going to set up more storylines about John Dutton’s kin. Isabel May, one of the beloved characters of 1883, narrates the new 1923 trailer.

Have a look and we’ll fill you in on how Yellowstone fans are reacting to this glimpse of 1923.

May, who portrayed Elsa in 1883, says “Violence has always haunted this family, and followed us from the Scottish Highlands to the slums of Dublin. It followed us here. … And where it doesn’t follow … we hunt it down, we seek it.”

One fan wrote: “This is going to be so good!” Another used three exclamation points to punctuate this comment: “I’m so psyched for this show!!!”

One 1923 fan applauded the trailer by sharing a photo of Ford and Mirren in full vintage as Jacob and Cara Dutton.

“Helen Mirren & Harrison Ford in 1923 (Sheridan’s next brainchild)…. Yes please! Cant wait! I miss 1883 so this should be American history awesomeness. Let’s go lil doggies.” Then there was this comment: “Harrison Ford looks bad ass in this new Yellowstone spin off. Hell yeah.”

The series 1923 is dubbed a Yellowstone origin story. It’s the second and third generation of Duttons as they establish themselves in Montana. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton arrived in Montana four decades before in 1883. No one knows what happened to them once they arrived. But that’s where 1923 will fill in more details.

Harrison Ford portrays Jacob Dutton in 1923. (James Minchin III/Paramount+)

Ford’s Jacob is James’ brother. Mirren’s Cara is Jacob’s wife. The series also will feature the children of James and Margaret and their grandchildren. We do know that Jacob and Cara have been married for more than 40 years. But the couple didn’t have their own children.

Mirren filled in some of her character’s backstory in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. Remember the reference to the slums of Dublin in the trailer. That’s where Mirren comes in.

“The big Irish immigration to America, because of the potato famine, was in the late 19th century,” Mirren said. “That absolutely chronologically works for Cara. She’s now in her late 60s, we imagine. So she would’ve come, I think, as a young woman from Ireland. I think that’s one of the extraordinary elements of America. The people who arrived, and are still arriving, are people with enormous resilience and enormous courage and independence.”

Ford told Vanity Fair that Jacob’s marriage with Cara is a strong one and a central theme of 1923.

“Their lives are totally wrapped up in each other,” Ford said. “There’s very little that sustains them other than themselves and the hard work and investment they put into their future and their family. It is a tough life, and it’s full of not just physical challenges but moral ones as well.”