‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Scratching Their Heads Over Glaring Rip Wheeler Plot Hole That Doesn’t Make Sense

by Thad Mitchell

We are still a few months away from the return of “Yellowstone,” but in the meantime, we can keep the modern western spirit alive.

That is exactly what “Yellowstone” fans are doing across social media and various forum sites like Reddit. One particular plot hole seems to have fans confused as to Rip Wheeler‘s diving status of all things. Using a quote from Rip in the third season, the thread creator asks a very valid question. As you might expect, “Yellowstone” fans were eager to chime in on the conversation.

“Finishing up season 3 and there is a line that has stuck out to me,” the Reddit user says. “Rip mentions to Beth after she proposes that he can’t go to a courthouse and get married because according to the court he doesn’t exist. So, how does he drive? Assuming he has a license because I’m sure deputies have run backgrounds on him trying to get John for something.”

We have seen Rip driving Dutton ranch vehicles on several occasions — so we know that he can and does drive. One example of his prowess behind the wheel comes in season three when he wipes out several bikes belonging to a motorcycle club. Rip demolishes the motorcycle before he and Lloyd step out to handle some business and run the bikers out of town. Other “Yellowstone” fans took notice of Rip’s comments to Beth and arrived with the same questions.

“Yeah, that’s a line I think a lot of us would love an explanation to as it makes no sense,” another Redditor says. “Not only does he drive but when he had to shoot the bear in season 1 and the authorities came out they knew who he was so that makes me believe he has had prior run-ins with the law.”

“It was a stupid line and makes no sense,” another fan suggests. “Rip was about 15 when he killed his father. I’m assuming he went to school and he would have to have a birth certificate.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan suggests that Rip is no longer in the “system” since leaving behind his home.

“He ran away after he killed his dad,” the fan says. “But the caretaker at the cemetery knows who he is because Rip paid for his mother’s and brother’s headstones. Maybe Rip isn’t his real name. No one ever came looking for him after he ran away.”

Played by actor Cole Hauser, Rip Wheeler is a favorite among “Yellowstone” fans who watch the show religiously. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming fourth season will have in store for him. Through recently released trailers, we know Rip is the first person to come upon a badly injured John Dutton. Will Rip be able to save John’s life? It is also a safe bet the Rip will hit the warpath, seeking vengeance on whoever attacks his adopted family.

“Yellowstone” will return later this year on November 7.