‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Still Waiting for Rip to Tell Beth How He Got That Wedding Ring

by Leanne Stahulak

While Rip and Beth by far have one of the best romantic relationships on “Yellowstone,” there are a few aspects of it that fans can’t get over.

Like, for example, Beth’s wedding ring. At the time of the wedding in Season 4, you can tell she’s touched that Rip gave her one of the last remaining pieces of his mother. However, it’s debatable whether Beth knows how recently that ring belonged to Rip’s mother.

In Season 3, after the two got engaged, Rip went to the cemetery and literally dug up his mother to take her wedding ring. This didn’t sit right with many “Yellowstone” fans, who took to Reddit with their concerns.

One fan started a discussion to ask what the “Creepiest” or “Most F’d Up” part of the show was for fans. Many people commented on different scenes from the show, and more than one brought up Rip’s gravedigging activities.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Find Issue With Rip Taking His Mom’s Wedding Ring

“Rip taking the ring from his mom’s grave is up there (I cannot believe someone put pen to paper and wrote that we saw a preserved corpse on screen),” the original poster wrote.

People quickly followed up in agreement. “I really agree about Rip and the ring. That was mom’s ring, she took it to her grave, leave it be. To dig her up, take it off, present it to Beth and she is good with that? Oh hell no,” a different fan commented.

But other “Yellowstone” fans asked a key question: Does Beth know where Rip really got the ring?

“I want to see Rip tell Beth how he got the ring,” someone else said. That’s a scene that could easily occur off-camera as another fan said.

“I think he did tell her that it was the ring buried with his mom…. We just didn’t see him give details on how he procured it, but Beth is smart and it’s kind of a 1+1=2 sorta thing,” the fan said. “Personally I can’t imagine walking around with a ring on my finger that had been buried on a corpse.”

Few people likely would be comfortable with that. But few people are also Beth Dutton, who kidnapped a priest at gunpoint just to make this wedding happen. As another “Yellowstone” fan said, “She wouldn’t give a f***!”

Other ‘Creepy’ Moments From ‘Yellowstone’

The rest of the comments on the post truly ranged across different scenes. Many people brought up Monica bathing Tate in the bathtub when he’s supposed to be a pre-teen. Others questioned John Dutton’s decision to bail Summer Higgins out of jail only to have sex with her. and a few felt really uncomfortable with the scene in Season 2 where men break into Beth’s office and attack her.

Although “Yellowstone” is all in all a great show, we can’t deny that it has its unsettling moments.