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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Up in Arms About Ranch Hand Living Conditions on Dutton Ranch

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Site

Taylor Sheridan has taken a lot of time to create depth in each “Yellowstone” character. As such, fans often find themselves invested in the well-being of those individuals. That said, some “Yellowstone” fans are up in arms about the Dutton Ranch hands’ living conditions.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Ranch Life and Wealth

As always, frustrated fans took to Reddit to air their grievances. U/flyingscrotus kicked off the conversation. They began their post with the “Duttons are so rich but their 5-6 ranch hands have to share bunk beds and one shower!? What’s up with that?”

Other fans of the series shared their own perspectives behind the reasoning for the characters’ less-than-ideal living situations.

“I think the show is really pushing that they really are low on the totem pole in comparison to the Duttons,” one “Yellowstone” fan theorized.

Another suggested, “Builds character. The payment is the way of life,” to which OP replied, “Yeah I mean it seems the only one conflicted about the culture there is [Walker].”

Still, other fans drew attention to a very modern way of thinking.

“That’s why rich people remain rich,” said one of the post’s responders. Others shared similar sentiments with, “That’s why the Duttons are so rich.”

However, another fan drew attention to an earlier John Dutton line when he spoke about the ranch during the cattle ranchers’ dinner. He said, “It’s poverty with a view.”

While there’s value in the land and its holdings, supposedly very little wealth comes from the actual products from the “Yellowstone” ranch.

Fans Debate the Better Show: ‘Yellowstone’ Vs. ‘1883’

There’s always some kind of debate taking place regarding “Yellowstone,” its cast, and the characters’ actions. However, in the grander scheme of things, “Yellowstone” is now, in a way, competing with its prequel, “1883.”

When the “Yellowstone” prequel debuted in December, it quickly became the most-watched original scripted series in Paramount history. The premiere alone saw an audience of nearly five million viewers.

Following the two series’ conclusions, fans are now debating which is the better show.

In a surprising twist, one fans shared on the social platform, “I actually like ‘1883’ better than ‘Yellowstone’ by a slim margin.” They explained, “I just like the way the storyline is delivered. Yellowstone’s storylines tend to get a little stale and then you have some stories that are just completely abandoned.”

On the flip side, another fan wrote, “‘Yellowstone’ is probably my favorite television show and I like it a little better than ‘1883. Don’t get me wrong — I like them both, but if I had to pick my favorite it would be ‘Yellowstone.'”

Considering the varying opinions regarding the Taylor Sheridan original series, it will be interesting to see how fans respond to upcoming spin-offs like “1932” and “6666.”