‘Yellowstone’ Fans Aren’t Sure How to Feel About Season 5 Potentially Launching Another Taylor Sheridan Series

by Courtney Blackann

Generally speaking, news of Taylor Sheridan’s five new projects – including “1932,” another prequel to “Yellowstone” – has fans thrilled that there will be so much more to look forward to. However, not everyone is on board with all the spinoffs. And a speculative thread shared by fans of the original Dutton family drama shows this.

In a new post on Reddit, a fan posted a screenshot of either a blog or an article that hints at some interesting details of “Yellowstone” season five. And let’s be clear here, it truly is just a screenshot, so we can’t verify if the information is accurate. However, if true, then it has really ruffled some feathers.

The original poster shared a photo that stated that “Yellowstone” season five would be airing part one this summer. And during its run, it would interlace some parts of the new Sylvester Stallone series “The Tulsa King,” one of Sheridan’s new projects.

“Think of it like Marvel – an interconnected universe, but for adults and Middle Americans,” the photo blog/article states. God knows there is no shortage of Marvel films that carefully intermingle their characters regularly. If this is what Sheridan is after, he’s off to a great start. (Especially the fact that he made cameos in both “1883” and “Yellowstone” à la Stan Lee).

It goes on to describe the second half of “Yellowstone’s” season five. This, the author claims, will be used to promote “1932” and “6666,” two more of Sheridan’s projects.

Fans of “Yellowstone” React

Fans who read this chimed in to express their utter annoyance.

“It will be used to launch other series. What great news, like no. Why can’t they let Yellowstone be Yellowstone. I absolutely hate that they are using it to boost other series. But, we shall see what happens. I hope it will be enjoyable like the former seasons,” writes one person.

Another agreed, saying, “With Yellowstone, the writers are throwing in scenes from 1883 and 6666 that really have nothing to do with the Yellowstone plot. It’s sloppily done and I am really disappointed to hear they’ll continue it in Season 5. Do we really need another Yellowstone prequel when we already have a subpar (IMO) one already?”

“So basically s5 is going to be one MASSIVE advertisement for all of the other half baked unneeded unwanted nothing more than a money grab shows TS wants to shit out. S4 was bad enough and it was only promoting one other show,” another person agreed.

At least one fan, however, had a more optimistic outlook.

“Well, not for nothing, but, I think they’re into the idea that fans like these complex universes.
The Mandalorian basically sold Disney Plus, and what was it? More Star Wars stuff to fill in the gaps between the fall of the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, and the rise of the First Order. Serial fiction sells, and rather than one violent cowboy show, they’re doing 4. I think Taylor Sheridan has this big story in his head, and this is the best way to tell it through this medium,” the person writes.

Only time will tell how each of Taylor Sheridan’s projects will be interwoven. But for now, don’t take the speculation to hear too much.