‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call for Forgotten Character’s Return on Brecken Merrill’s New Post

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Now more than halfway through its fourth season, hit Paramount Network Series “Yellowstone” has brought many memorable scenes.

While “Yellowstone” has put together numerous entertaining storylines, fans also rave about the more tender moments on the show. One such moment came just a few seasons ago when Tate Dutton, grandson of John Dutton, got his very own horse. Tate long desired his own horse but was too young at the time to care for his own horse. That changed in an earlier “Yellowstone” episode when Tate finally got his very own steed.

He named his horse “Lucky” and vowed to feed, groom and take care of the animal. It was a touching moment in “Yellowstone” history that fans of the show fondly remember. It signified the start of Tate’s maturation from a child into a young man in a “coming of age” storyline that would help define the character. The theme would continue in other ways throughout the next seasons.

We haven’t seen much of Lucky the horse since that episode but it seems safe to assume that he’s still there somewhere on “Yellowstone” Ranch. Brecken Merrill, the young actor playing Tate Dutton, certainly remembers the horse. In a recent social media post, Merrill shares a “throwback” photo of Tate and Lucky getting ready for action. “Yellowstone” fans remember lucky as well and would love to see the horse return to the show.

Merill adds no words to the photo but “Yellowstone” fans make a plea for Lucky’s return.

“Love this photo,” one fan says. “Whatever happened to Lucky? I would love to see him return.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Been Rough on Tate Dutton

Through the first three seasons of “Yellowstone,” Tate Dutton has been put through the wringer. From battling a rattlesnake to being kidnapped by an armed militia, the poor little guy can’t catch a break.

It is much the same in the fourth “Yellowstone” season as Tate must face mental and emotional trauma.

In the first episode of the season, Tate must shoot a man attacking his mother. Though it was the right thing to do, he struggles mightily in the aftermath. He takes up residence underneath a bed, believing it is the only place where is safe.

Much to the delight of “Yellowstone” fans, Tate is on the rebound and beginning to come around. Sensing the need for his family to get away, Kayce Dutton takes his young family to the local Native American reservation. Now, both Tate and his mother, Monica Dutton, are in much better spirits. We’ll see what this equates to as “Yellowstone” season four hits the home stretch.