‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call out Massive Error With Inauguration Party

by Taylor Cunningham
Courtesy of Paramount

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 is in the books, and people are already loving the new round of drama. But amid all the fanfare, viewers couldn’t help but notice one glaring problem with John Dutton’s inauguration party.

As most people know, politicians take office shortly after the first of the year, which means the Duttons are about two months. Strangely they celebrated John’s success at an outdoor party—in Montana—when the temperatures are usually in the 20s or 30s, and the wind and snow are blistering.

“For all the murder and malfeasance in Yellowstone, the most unrealistic thing is that they’re having an outdoor inauguration party in Montana in January,” one fan wrote on Twitter

Yellowstone has zero to do with any reality,” Cowboys Not Eggheads added. ” I’ve never seen such nice weather in Montana in January.”

As the episode carried on, Twitter continued to light up with comments from people who can’t get over the glaring inaccuracy.

The Montana governor’s mansion is in Helena, which does have less snowfall than other parts of the state. But the city still tends to get plenty of accumulation during the month. So, it was odd to see greenery surrounding John as he took power.

“[Aren’t] Governor inaugurations in January?” asked a curious mind. “How is there green grass and warmth in Montana then? Come on Taylor!! #YellowstoneTV#Yellowstone.”

A Surprising ‘Yellowstone’ Death Distracts Fans From Warm January Afternoon

Sadly, it took the heartbreaking accident to derail people’s attention. As always, Yellowstone jumped right into the turmoil. And as most of the Duttons were enjoying an unseasonably warm party, one of them suffered a tragic death.

Warning Spoilers Ahead.

When the new Season kicked off, Monica was three weeks from her due date. And while the rest of the family was in Helena, she went into labor.

When Kayce learned the news, he sent an ambulance to meet her on the road. But Monica, who only had Tate by her side, couldn’t wait. S the two jumped in the car. Monica’s contractions, however, made it impossible for her to drive.

As Monica drove chaotically down the road, Tate offered to drive. But it was too late. While he tried to convince her to pull over, a bison walks into the road. Monica swerved and crashed into an oncoming truck.

When the episode ended, Monica was still alive, but in critical condition and unconscious. The baby, who was a boy, did not survive. Before he passed, Kayce named him John.