‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call for a Spinoff Featuring Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

“Yellowstone” fans are calling for a spin-off with young John Dutton after there was another flashback at the beginning of episode 3. Josh Lucas plays young John with totally believable mannerisms and essence. Essentially, he’s got young John Dutton down to a T, and fans want more.

One fan who was tuning in tonight posted on Twitter, “I am here for a spin-off with Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton! Get on this [‘Yellowstone’].” They included a Gif of Josh Lucas as young John saying a witty one-liner from tonight’s episode.

Really, Lucas looks great as young John in the flashbacks. His entire vibe is on point for what we know of older John Dutton, who we’ve seen more of. Josh Lucas does an amazing job every time there’s a flashback, and honestly, we wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

Another fan recently tweeted about young John Dutton’s whole vibe, sharing that the mustache and sideburns were totally spot on. “Yellowstone” has done a great job of bringing the audience deep into the flashbacks, and it all has to do with the amazing casting. Josh Lucas is the perfect John Dutton, just as Kyle Red Silverstein does a great job of portraying young Rip.

The two of them have big shoes to fill, character-wise, and their mannerisms are perfect for both John and Rip. That’s how you know we’re dealing with great talent on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Chose to Watch the Show Over Sunday Night Football

“Yellowstone” is really America’s favorite show right now, because some people chose to watch episode three over Sunday Night Football. Season 5 opened with a bang, and fans can’t stop watching. We’re all waiting to see what’s going to happen next for the Duttons.

So, it seems that, for some fans, this is more important than football. Fans tweeted about it as well. One fan wrote, “Sunday NFL football will be preempted for the next hour for undivided attention to Yellowstone. Please stand by.” Another fan shared that their parents actually chose to watch “Yellowstone” instead. They wrote, “My parents just turned off Sunday night football to watch Yellowstone. For the first time in my life, I think I’m adopted.”

Some mixed reactions across the board, but it seems like, for the most part, “Yellowstone” won out against the NFL. We’ll have to wait and see what the ratings say before we make that official call. But, things are looking up for season 5 so far. Hopefully, the show can keep up this momentum and turn out a really satisfying season for everyone.