‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can Now Buy an Exact Replica of Rip Wheeler’s Wedding Ring, More Coming Soon

by Samantha Whidden

As Yellowstone fans prepare for the show’s highly anticipated fifth season premiere, some new merchants are being made available, including a replica of Rip Wheeler’s wedding ring. 

According to a press release, the online store, Shop The Scenes, will be bringing the Yellowstone replica to Fans. The website was created by the western TV series’ production company, 101 Studios, and TV personality Jill Martin. 

“Fans will have the unique opportunity to virtually step on the set of their most beloved shows,” 101 Studios declared. “And purchase authentic items they have always wanted but didn’t know how to find.”

The new website will have various types of merchandise. This includes clothing, furniture, and obviously Yellowstone ring replicas. Besides Yellowstone, Emily in Paris merchandise will also be made available on the website. 

Martin further spoke about the key goal for the new website. “Our goal is to bring viewers into their favorite shows, movies, and events and allow them to immerse themselves through groundbreaking technology into their favorite scenes. This innovation represents the next wave of engaging and interacting with content and bringing the virtual world into consumers’ reality through a one-stop retail experience. How many times have fans watched a show or movie and thought, ‘I love that dress … or where can I buy that table?’”

David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studio, further praised Martin for “mastering” the in-show shopping experience. “We have a unique opportunity to expand the fan experience by allowing viewers to purchase merchandise from some incredible shows. This is the first shoppable experience of its kind and we are excited to bring it to fans of the shows.”

Shop The Scenes will launch on November 12th alongside the Yellowstone Season 4 Marathon. The website also noted it is currently developing a premium unboxing experience perfect for gift-giving.

‘Yellowstone’ Rip Wheeler’s Ring Is a Custom, Limited Edition Steel-Plated Brass Replica 

Meanwhile, Shop the Scenes is also giving Yellowstone and Emily in Paris fans a sneak peek of various items on the website. 

Rip Wheeler’s ring, which is designed by jewelry expert Stephen Webster, is brass PVD steel-plated. It also has a gunmetal and brushed finish. It is lead, nickel, and cadmium free. The approximate width is 8.3mm. The thickness is approximately 2.0mm. 

“Show your commitment and create your own bold love story like Beth and Rip did with this custom limited edition steel-plated brass wedding ring,” the Yellowstone merchandise’s description reads. 

Only one ring will also be made available per order. The day it will be made available on the website is approximately November 11th. This is the only Yellowstone merchandise with early access. However, it seems like home decor replicas from the show will be added on the launch day.