‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Believe How Grown Up Carter Actor Finn Little Looks in This New Pic

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, folks just grow up fast. Yellowstone actor Finn Little, who portrays Carter looks a lot different now than he did just months ago. When he was added to the show in Season 4, as a pseudo-adopted child of Beth and Rip, fans took to him. The story of the relationship between the three of them, and how it evolved, that’s what made fans fall in love with him.

So, it is no surprise that Little is going to be back for Season 5. We now have that confirmation after a post from the actor earlier this week. While that news is welcome by almost all fans of the show, the post he put up started a storm about another topic… how much the actor’s look has changed.

Puberty hit Little in the last six months or so. Check out the post below and see for yourself.

“… when you say, ‘hi, nice to see you!’ to the film crew and they don’t know who you are!” the young actor captioned his post. Little knows that his haircut and a few months of growing up have made him look a lot different than what many folks remember.

Fans Can’t Believe Carter Actor from ‘Yellowstone’ Grew Up So Fast

All throughout the replies, there were fans talking about how they couldn’t believe the change he had gone through. It’s almost like he is a totally different person. Let’s just hope that Beth and Rip can still recognize Carter when next season rolls around.

“As [Brecken Merrill] before [Finn] has grown up before us in a flash how quickly 6 months changes appearances handsomely,” one fan said.

The actor couldn’t help himself with all of the replies that he was getting. He added himself to the comments below the photo, “That’s what cake and steak does to a kid.” The life of living in the bunkhouse, lots of protein and carbs. Perfect for a growing boy, right Outsiders?

The post is a reminder that these seasons and things take time to film, produce, put out, and air. So, while it seems like a brief period of time has passed, and it hasn’t been that long, for a teenager it’s been a long enough time.

Here’s what I want to know… is Carter going to feel big enough this season of Yellowstone to do something insane like check Rip? The two have had their issues. And, Carter hasn’t had a good life early on. So, tensions can arise. Seeing some Rip and Carter conflict would be fun, a little teenage rebellion on the ranch.

All I know is that I need Season 5 to be here. Like now. It’s not going to be here tomorrow, unfortunately, but the fact that the production is underway is good enough for me…for now.