‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Believe Kelly Reilly Doesn’t Get More Recognition for Playing Beth Dutton

by Thad Mitchell

In a cast full of rising Hollywood stars, actress Kelly Reilly’s work as Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone” stands out as some of the best.

Reilly has been with “Yellowstone” since the very beginning, making her debut in the very first episode. Beth Dutton is one of the most intense characters television watchers have seen in a while. Fiercely loyal to her father and the family ranch, Beth is feared by all that come in her path. Smart, confident and brave, Beth’s bad side is not a place you want to be. But we have also seen a softer side to Beth Dutton in recent “Yellowstone” seasons.

In the most recent season, we even see a motherly side of Beth Dutton emerge with the addition of Carter on the ranch. It is a tribute to Reilly’s immense talent that she has put together one of the most complex and interesting characters currently on TV.

It is why some “Yellowstone” fans can’t understand why Reilly doesn’t have some hardware in her trophy case for her Beth Dutton portrayal. Her lack of awards and accolades is the subject of a recent Reddit thread, in which fans ponder why Reilly is left out.

“How on earth is the actress that plays Beth not nominated for a golden globe?” a “Yellowstone” Redditor wants to know. “I’m on season 3, and my God, that actress is phenomenal. I know her from Sherlock Holmes (the one with Robert Downey Jr.) Two absolutely different persons. I would never say that the actress from Sherlock Holmes could play this character if someone asked me.”

Many other “Yellowstone” fans agree with this sentiment, saying Reilly has earned recognition for her “Yellowstone” role.

“I agree,” another Reddit user says. “Beth Dutton is my favorite character on the show.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Kelly Reilly’s Impact

More than a few “Yellowstone” fans will tell you that Beth Dutton is their favorite character on the hit Paramount Network series. Reddit users talk about specific scenes that make Kelly Reilly one of the show’s top attractions.

“The way she carried the scene with the Beck Brother attackers in her office was one of the best performances I’ve seen in the entire series,” another fan says. “That encounter left me shook and I truly hope that the Studio had support for her as well after that one was done shooting.”

“The emotions and the switch between it was astonishing,” another says. “The way she changed between emotions was just WOW.”

Later in the thread, one “Yellowstone” fan sums up thoughts on Kelly Reilly quite nicely. “She is an amazing actress,” the fan says. “She doesn’t get as much recognition that she deserves.”

Reilly and the rest of the show’s outstanding cast will get back to work filming season five in May.