‘Yellowstone’ Fans ‘Can’t Figure Out’ Why the Barrel Racers Are Still at the Dutton Ranch

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In the third season of “Yellowstone,” viewers are introduced to two “buckle bunnies” that would go on to cause trouble in the bunkhouse.

Barrell racers by trade, Mia and Laramie are the buckle bunnies of “Yellowstone” Ranch. What is a buckle bunny? I’m glad you asked as we got an excellent definition in the third season from veteran ranch hand Lloyd. A “buckle bunny” is a female who hangs around rodeo events hoping to snag the cowboy of their dreams. Mia and Laramie find their way to the ranch after the former takes a liking to “Yellowstone” ranch hand, Jimmy. Laramie initially takes up with Lloyd, who is several years her senior. It’s an odd but satisfying relationship for viewers as Lloyd is a favorite of “Yellowstone” fans and deserves something a little nice. As with most things buckle bunny, the relationship would not last. Instead, Laramie left Lloyd high and dry to take up with Walker. The two ladies have been nothing but drama ever since they were introduced last season.

So, why is “Yellowstone” Ranch foreman Rip Wheeler allowing the buckle bunnies to hang around? It is a question that is very much on the minds of “Yellowstone” fans and the subject of a recent Reddit thread.

“Why does Rip allow the two barrel racing ladies to stay in the bunkhouse?” a Reddit user asks. “I can’t figure out why he hasn’t run them off or asked them to get branded.”

It is a more than fair question and one that has “Yellowstone” fans stumped. Rip Wheeler isn’t exactly known for having a soft spot but, to this point, he’s allowed Mia and Laramie to stay. He may very well be regretting his decision as the bunkhouse crew is at odds.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Engage in Buckle Bunny Debate

Most “Yellowstone” fans seem to agree that it is strange to see Rip allowing his beloved bunkhouse to be invaded by buckle bunnies.

“Rip should have sent them on their way,” a fan says. “When Avery asked for a job at the Yellowstone he told her it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a woman staying in the bunkhouse. The two girls show up not employees and he doesn’t do anything.”

“Rip should take responsibility for his part in the problem at the bunkhouse instead of putting it all on Lloyd,” another says.

Other commenters took a more logical stance, pointing out that the ladies add another layer of depth to the show.

“They are obviously there to create tension,” a “Yellowstone” Redditor points out.

It will be interesting to follow the storyline that includes Mia and Laramie. Yes, they cause trouble but they also make for some fantastic scenes.

We’ll see what the buckle bunnies are up to next when “Yellowstone” airs the sixth new episode on Sunday.