‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Underrated Character

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Site

We hear so much praise for “Yellowstone” stars like Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Kevin Costner. But as we await the premiere of “Yellowstone” season five, fans took to social media to share praise for one underrated character.

Reddit users have some of the most dynamic and interesting thoughts and insights when it comes to our favorite television shows. And in a recent thread, “Yellowstone” fans shared their love for Mo Brings Plenty, who goes by just Mo in the series’ storyline.

“Can we just get some love for Mo Brings Plenty and the job he does for the show??” one fan asked the Reddit-verse.

“Dude has always been a great character but as I sit and watch the episodes of season four, I think he has really come into his own this season. Really brings some gravitas to the plot in the scenes he is in,” OP continued.

Another fan simply wrote, “Mo is the man and I will beat that drum all day!”

One “Yellowstone” fan quipped, “Hell yeah, I mean, I hope his back gets some serious rest between Season 4 and 5 because he must have quite a bit of backpain from carrying the whole dang show last season.”

In reference to tribal chairman Thomas Rainwater, they continued, “No for real, Thomas, I hope you gave Mo one hell of a raise, he deserves it. Or gave him another one after you already did.”

Mo contributed a lot to the storyline surrounding Kayce’s vision quest in the season four finale, so it will definitely be interesting to see how the two characters continue their dynamic into the next season.

Mo Brings Plenty Speaks for the Environment

As a Native American, Mo Brings Plenty shares an especially meaningful relationship with our nation’s wildlife. That said, the “Yellowstone” star recently used his social platform to speak out about a common environmental issue.

Brings Plenty’s latest Instagram post features an image of balloon ribbon wrapped up in a massive knot around a pile of nature debris and what looks like the wing of a bird. It’s a bit difficult to decipher.

Nevertheless, he wrote, “The releasing of balloons in memory of those who have passed or to send them a message don’t reach them in heaven. Instead they come back down to the surface and take innocent lives.”

He emphasized, “It is unnecessary, please find other ways to memorialize your loved ones; ways that don’t take the innocent lives of our sea creatures and wildlife.”

“Yellowstone” fans took to the comments to share their support for the highly underrated character.

“I’ve been saying this for years,” one follower responded. “People get so mad. Thank you for using your platform.”

Another fan added, “please cut those six pack rings!”

Still others suggested planting a tree, releasing butterflies, or finding other more nature-friendly ways to commemorate deceased family and friends.