‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Over These ‘Funny’ Scenes

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are just days away from the return of our favorite television series, “Yellowstone,” which will premiere its latest season this Sunday.

Despite the premiere date growing closer, “Yellowstone” fans are still scouring the internet for their modern western fix. There are differing opinions among the show’s followers as to what makes “Yellowstone” such a popular show. There is certainly no wrong reason to love “Yellowstone,” but different aspects of the show appeal to different fans. An underrated aspect of the show is its subtle humor and ability to draw laughs when it is least expected. Now, “Yellowstone” is far from a comedy series, but chances are you’ve laughed out loud a few times while watching an episode. In a recent Reddit thread, fans of the show discuss its funniest scenes and how the show sneaks in some comedic value.

In the forum discussion, fans focus on the unintentionally humorous scenes –something “Yellowstone” thrives at. There isn’t a ton of intentional humor within the show’s scape but it isn’t uncommon to find yourself laughing unexpectedly.

“There are a lot of hilarious scenes in this show – most totally unintentional,” a responder says in the thread. “My absolute favorite has to be season 1, episode 8 when John can’t get hold of any of his kids and Rip has just returned from making sure the woman who was impaled by the fence post is going to survive. And John and Rip are sitting outside on the porch, John’s thumbing through a legal summons, irritated, and this car comes pulling up in the dark and John goes, ‘I can’t wait to see which disappointment this is.’ The delivery is just fantastic – and his total disgust with his adult children is hilarious.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Find Humor in Unexpected Place

We all hope that season four brings us a few laughable moments upon its return. It’s a safe bet that we’ll get a chuckle in here and there. Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler have provided “Yellowstone” fans with a few laughs through three seasons.

“When beth tells Rip to pick a date more suited to her personality,” another Redditor says. “Rip suggests they get drunk and watch wolves kill elk in the park.”

“When John and Rip are talking to the Beck brothers and right before walking off Rip points to Malcolm’s bolo tie and says ‘that’s not how you wear one of those,'” another says,

My favorite “Yellowstone” funny moment also involves Rip. He and Jimmy bring along Mia for a short road trip. Mia tries Rip’s patience with her continuing chatter, though he laughs it off. He then jokingly tells Jimmy that he is going to kill him with his bare hands back at the ranch. Here is the scene — just try not to laugh.

We hope “Yellowstone” gives us plenty more to laugh at in the fourth season.