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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Past One Kayce Dutton Storyline

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Paramount Network

We need your help, Outsiders. Fans of the hit show Yellowstone on Reddit are complaining about the storyline involving Kayce Dutton.

If you follow Paramount Network’s hit show Yellowstone as closely as we do, then you already know about Kayce Dutton. Played by actor Luke Grimes, Kayce is one of the main characters in the series. He is the son of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) and he’s married to his wife, Monica (Kelsey Asbille). Together, they have a young son named Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Despite being one of the main characters in the show, there are some fans who don’t like Kayce and Monica’s storyline. One fan explained as much in a Reddit post titled, “The Kayce Storyline.”

“I’ve been able to look past the cheesiness and cringier parts of Yellowstone and be able to enjoy the series,” the post begins. “This storyline with Kayce and his family in this season, however, is unbearable. Monica is even more obnoxious than in previous seasons.”

In addition to Kayce and Monica, the Reddit user also isn’t a big fan of the story written for young Tate Dutton, either.

“Tate is absolute cringe incarnate,” the post continues. “When he was asking his mom if she had any suggestions to get rid of a boner, I almost turned off my TV. Like who sat down and wrote that dialogue? I’m hoping that after his ‘vision quest’ Kayce goes back to doing something actually meaningful to the main storyline again.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Respond to Reddit Post

The Reddit post about Kayce and Monica Dutton has definitely drawn some attention online.

“As an Indigenous woman, I find it so cringe,” a fan of the show replied. “I don’t mind Kayce and his son but the mom has got to go. I see her on a low budget soap opera, not this show.”

Meanwhile, another fan went as far as to say that the creators should just end Yellowstone and focus on 1883.

“It really feels like this show has run its course. Now with 1883, I feel like there is material there for a good 5 or more seasons without getting boring. They should just end Yellowstone and focus on that story. I have no interest in the Four 6666 show. Won’t be tuning in for that.”

Finally, a third fan believes that the story is poor due to the filming conditions the cast and crew have had to go through thanks to COVID-19.

“I understand why it’s happing this way — covid. They are trying to follow protocols, which is why you hardly see the main cast mingle with each other. Notice how each storyline stays within its own area? Kayce hasn’t been to the ranch, while Jamie stays mostly at his own ranch. Both Kayce and Jamie have full time jobs yet neither seems to care that much about those important roles. But that being said, that’s no excuse for the shoddy writing and storyline. Other shows are working fine within covid protocols and you wouldn’t know that covid was a concern on those shows.”