‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ticked at Ridiculous Amount of Commercials in Season 5 Premiere

by Taylor Cunningham
Courtesy of Paramount

The Yellowstone Season 5 premiere would have been perfect—if it weren’t for all those commercials.

The fifth season of the Dutton saga is in full swing. And over the next seven weeks, fans will get to watch John ruling over the entire state of Montana with Beth by his side. So the story is off to a great start.

However, if Paramount + reads social media posts, it may want to consider cutting back on the ads. After the episode had its heartbreaking conclusion, hundreds of people took to Twitter and complained that the constant interruptions took away from the experience. And interestingly, the commercials were supposed to be kept to a minimum tonight.

“Watching Yellowstone. What’s with all the commercials on a pay channel?!” one person wrote.

“This is limited commercials?” another fan asked.

One fan pointed out that Paramount+ claimed last year’s premiere would also have limited commercials. But instead, an ad jumped in every “5 seconds.”

A few people were so angry with all the interruptions that they actually vowed never to watch the show again. And hilariously, a few were prepared for the onslaught. So, they recorded the episode so they could skip through the ads.

“I’m not ready for the 2-hour movie that will have 1 1/2 hours of commercials,” one person wrote under a Paramount+ promo tweet. “I’ll record and fast forward later.”

‘Yellowstone’ Viewers Want Paramount+ to Turn Down the Volume

To make matters worse, the ads were repetitive and obnoxiously loud. Several people wrote that Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King, which premieres next week, got more air time than Yellowstone. And quite a few people wondered why the commercials were yelling at them.

“@paramountplus 5000 commercials for Tulsa King during Yellowstone… I’d watch it but we are so annoyed by the same commercial over and over,” someone admitted. “I can’t stand the idea of watching it.”

“Hey @paramountnet can you hear me?” another person added. “Not sure because your commercials are so DAMN LOUD. Trying to watch @Yellowstone not lose my hearing from commercials!”

The most interesting commercial snafu, however, was that Paramount+ aired teasers for upcoming episodes. And some of those teasers actually gave away spoilers that hadn’t yet been revealed in the episode.

“Watching commercials for a show you are currently watching is amazing. Especially when future events are in the ad,” a fan complained. “Nice work Yellowstone.”

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