‘Yellowstone’ Fans Celebrate the Unsung Hero of the Show

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Every “Yellowstone” fan has their hot take on the best character. But almost every fan can agree that this person on the show steals the screen every time they appear.

One “Yellowstone” fan posted a picture of the “true hero” of the show in a recent Reddit post. When you click on the link and open the picture, you see none other than Gator.

For those of you wondering who Gator is, he’s the Duttons’ professional chef! The original poster added in a comment that he’s the unsung hero, “Because he always makes yummy looking food that nobody ever sits down long enough to eat.”

It’s a hilarious running joke throughout “Yellowstone,” especially in Season 4. Beth always makes a point of interrupting these incredible family dinners that Gator labors over. Or he’ll make a nice breakfast for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, and John will opt for chocolate cereal instead. It’s painful to watch Gator’s disappointment every time someone neglects his delicious cooking.

“Yellowstone” fans agree, taking to the comments of the Reddit post to sing gator’s praises.

Here’s Why Gator is So Great on ‘Yellowstone’

First off, a little background. One fan took the time to compile some information about Gator and inform fans of his history with film catering.

“He’s been in catering for decades (followed in his father’s footsteps). He’s done film catering and craft service for a long time,” the fan said. Film catering means he cooks and serves the food that the whole production team and cast eat on set.

“He’s not an actor and his name is actually Gator. From Louisiana and cooks up a lot of cajun food. I saw a snippet of an interview and he has huge smokers on trailers and he can smoke dozens of turkeys or sides of ribs at one go. I think the name of his catering service is ‘Gatering’, ha,” the fan concluded.

Others chimed in with their favorite Gator moments or hot takes. “Fortunately he doesn’t get paid by how much they eat,” one person pointed out.

“Gator needs his own cooking show,” someone else said. “I would watch that,” another fan replied. One person said it would be especially entertaining if he spilled secrets about the “Yellowstone” cast on his cooking show.

“That Vegan food bit was just plain funny. Gator is great!” a different fan said. Ah yes, when Summer Higgins visited the ranch and gave Gator a mile-long list of things she couldn’t eat.

“Yellowstone” fans also pointed out another moment that could’ve changed the game during Season 4. “They missed a great opportunity to use Gator at the start of season 4. He could have saved Monica and the kid with a frying pan – but then they’d miss out on having to move that family out to the reservation,” the fan observed. “The first solution would have been loved by the audience, they decided to go with the other.”

Tate killing the man in the kitchen had huge implications on the rest of the season. So, we can see why Taylor Sheridan decided to go with that. But it does make fans wonder how Gator held up during the firefight at the start of Season 4.

What’s your favorite Gator moment? Share your thoughts, Outsiders.