‘Yellowstone’ Fans Convinced Malcolm Beck Returns From Dead Based on Teaser Trailer Clue

by Kati Michelle

“Yellowstone TV” fans are notorious for their sleuthing skills. Spotting a potential plot hole with the number of houses at Dutton Ranch recently, not much gets by them. In seeing the newest teaser trailer for the upcoming season of the series, fans spotted something peculiar. They say this something is directly linked to the character of Malcolm Beck. In fact, it could be a clue pertaining to the character’s “return from the dead.”

Fans aren’t sure what to expect from Season 4 premiering in November, but they have a couple of hunches. Kelly Reilly from the cast likes to tease more throwback storylines. Fans also like to speculate about the mastermind behind the Dutton attacks. While Malcolm Beck’s death seemed certain, things are not always what they seem– especially in a Western series.

‘Yellowstone’ Clues

Paramount released the “Yellowstone” teaser trailer to their YouTube channel on August 27th. The name of the video, alone, hints that big things are coming. They titled the video “the calm before the storm.” The video starts with a broad view looking down onto a stream of water. The water moves gently, creating a soft, rolling sound. The calls of nature surround the audio, making it seem like a pristine place to rest. Soon, however, the sounds are interrupted by a sudden gunshot off-screen. Shortly thereafter, a white hat floats slowly down the stream. We can guess a gruesome death occurred, as the stream begins to fill with dark blood. The video puts up three powerful words: Every. Body. Pays.

“Yellowstone” fans flocked to the comments to swap fan theories about the trailer’s meaning and what to expect in the upcoming season. Many fans remember past villain Malcolm Beck owning a similar accessory back in Season 2. In fact, photo stills from the previous season do confirm Malcolm Beck wore a similar white hat to the one in the stream some time ago. Perhaps one-half of the Beck brothers is the criminal mastermind behind the Dutton family’s loss and strife this whole time.

Another clue from the video stands out, however. Some fans claim to hear the sound of a fishing reel being cast at the very beginning of the video. This evidence would point towards an association of some kind with Josh Holloway’s character of Roarke Morris. Roarke, of course, plays a highly suspect businessman. In his interactions with the Duttons, he has partaken in fly fishing on their property.

Between the two circulating theories, it really is a toss-up. With season 4 fast approaching, fans don’t have much time left to pour over these clues.

Watch the “Yellowstone” teaser trailer down below:

Paramount also released the official Season 4 trailer, which you can read about and view here.