‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Convinced Rip & Lloyd Turn on Each Other, Based on Season 4 Trailer Clue

by Thad Mitchell

The official “Yellowstone” season four trailer has fans of the modern western series in an uproar.

While it is only just over a minute long, the “Yellowstone” trailer is full of scenes from the upcoming new season. The action moves rather fast in the short clip but dedicated fans have found a way to analyze each second.

More than a few “Yellowstone” loyal watchers have turned the trailer into still frames in order to get a closer look. These frames reveal quite a bit of information about the upcoming brand new season. While they are certainly excited by what they see, fans of the show are also anxious about what they see in the trailer. If you are reading this article, it is highly likely that you have seen the trailer dozens of times — much like the rest of us. Here is the trailer once more and pay close attention to the action near the end of the clip.

Here’s Why ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Going Nuts

Some “Yellowstone” fans are hopeful they did not see what they think they saw in the one-minute and 14 seconds long trailer. Be that as it may, trailer watchers believe they see Rip Wheeler assaulting his fellow ranch hand and best friend, Lloyd Pierce.

The evidence in the trailer is far from conclusive but fans are still convinced they see the unimaginable. Now, many are speculating the ranch could be dealing with an internal battle along with their external battle. “Yellowstone” watchers took to Reddit to express their thoughts on the matter and why Rip may turn on Lloyd.

“Why the hell is Rip beating the s*** out of his best man, Lloyd?” a Reddit user asks.

“I’ve watched it in slo-mo and frozen-framed it a hundred times,” another fan says. “Rip looks to be slamming Lloyd to the ground.”

While this potential storyline may or not develop in the fourth season, let’s take a closer look.

Why Rip would want to inflict pain on Lloyd is the million-dollar “Yellowstone” question.

Lloyd, the senior statesman of the bunkhouse, is Rip’s best friend on the ranch and his right-hand man. Rip thinks so highly of Lloyd that he asks him to be his best man when he marries Beth Dutton. Lloyd often handles some of Rip’s dirty work. In the first season of “Yellowstone,” it is Lloyd who is asked by Rip to take ranch hand, Fred, to the train station. As every “Yellowstone” fan knows — this is code for killing Fred. This implies that Rip has a great deal of trust in Lloyd.

Who knows what may cause internal strife among the “Yellowstone” cowboys. Perhaps they’re all just feeling the pressure after attempts on the lives of the Dutton family. Maybe they have different ideas on how to seek out revenge.

We’ll find out when the new season arrives on November 7.