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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Big ‘Hook’ of ‘6666’ Spinoff

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There is no denying that fans are invested in Yellowstone Season 4 right now. But there are some fans online who are talking about the spin-off 6666.

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However, if you are all caught up, then you probably recall an exciting moment that happened earlier in the season. In Episode 3 of Season 4 titled “All I See Is You”, we were officially introduced to some of the characters we will see in the Yellowstone spin-off 6666. That has got people talking online about what exactly the draw to the new show is.

In a Reddit post titled, “What is the ‘hook’ for 6666?,” one user asked fellow fans of Yellowstone why people want to watch the spin-off.

“Like why would we want to watch the 6666’s spin off? Obviously the major draw to [Yellowstone] was Kevin Costner playing a badass cowboy. That makes people turn it on the first time. But if you’re sitting at home scrolling your streaming services or cable and you come across the 6’s spin off, without the [Yellowstone] backstory what is the hook?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans on Reddit Respond to Question

By the sounds of it, there are quite a few people questioning if 6666 will be any good. On the other hand, there are many others who think it has great potential just like fellow Yellowstone spin-off 1883 which officially debuted last Sunday.

“A couple of days ago I would have agreed 100%,” one fan said. “But boy is 1883 really really good so far. So I’ll give 6666 a chance now for sure.”

The original user who made the post replied saying that the allure of 1883 is its tie to the Duttons. Oh, and, of course, country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“1883 has the allure of being directly tied to the Dutton story, it has Tim McGraw and it’s a period piece which is cool too,” they said. “That’s why I didn’t mention it. It seems to have potential. 6’s seems to have no redeeming qualities.”

One of the characters that we know we will see in 6666 is Jefferson White. In Yellowstone, White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom, a ranch hand at the Dutton Ranch who recently departed to Sixes Ranch in North Texas.

“Besides people who are fans of Jimmy and Walker, I think they’re purposely keeping the rest under wraps,” another fan said. “I’m just not sure I understand why. If it were me, I’d advertise the big name actors and actresses, some sneak peeks into the story, stuff like that. It may have irritated some folks, but we got that with 1883, and it worked. I think the show is really good, of course just 2 episodes in, but I’ll keep watching a couple more episodes to see.”