‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Which Character Is the Best-Dressed

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are still at it, debating every aspect of the hit Paramount Network show on platforms like Reddit as they wait for the Season 4 premiere.

In the latest debate, fans bantered about the respective styles of their favorite “Yellowstone” characters. They voted for best and worst dressed, recalled their top outfits and even discussed “Yellowstone”-themed Halloween costumes.

The Reddit posters agreed that by far, Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) is the worst-dressed character on “Yellowstone.” But as for the best dressed? That one was a bit more contested.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Best Dressed Character

One fan kicked the thread off by asking who sports the best attire on “Yellowstone,” and what kind of jeans Rip (Cole Hauser), Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Jimmy wear.

“I’m curious on what attire you guys like in Yellowstone from the guys to the girls,” the fan posted. “And I’m wondering what fit of jeans does Rip wear I know they’re Levi’s but I want to try a fit like that out.”

Fellow fans chimed in to help them out, claiming that Rip wears Levi’s 501s or 505s. And then they offered up their picks for best-dressed character.

“I think John is always dressed well,” another fan posted. “His outfits are perfection. Beth dresses well too. I love the print cotton dresses she wears with boots. Jimmy has zero style and shouldn’t even be included in a discussion of ‘Yellowstone’ attire.”

Other fans agreed, saying John Dutton (Kevin Costner) “kills it” and Costner is “an archetypal movie star” who has developed “such a cool style.”

“Rip is one of the ways I [would] dress if I was a ranchhand, just simple and good,” yet another fan shared. “My favorites are definitely his denim shirts and those kick ass Brown boots.”

Still others liked Beth’s look, with one Reddit poster even saying recently that she’s dressing up as Beth for Halloween. She’s donning a faux leopard fur jacket, boots, strawberry blonde wig and adding makeup to give herself a black eye.

Most Fans Go With John or Rip, But a Few Dissent

Most “Yellowstone” fans seemed to favor John or Rip for best-dressed on the Dutton Ranch, with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) winning out among the women. Fans agreed that Jimmy is sartorially challenged.

However, there was one dissenter who really liked Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) style. For most of the show, it has not exactly been ranching-friendly attire, so it makes Jamie stick out painfully among the denizens of the Dutton Ranch.

“I’m a sucker for suits, so I’ll say any of Jamie’s three-piece numbers are what I like most,” the fan posted. “Bonus when he dons a pocket square. This is probably why I like him most, to be perfectly honest. The first time I saw him strutting around Kevin Costner’s ranch in a three-piece suit looking wildly out of place, I was like, ‘Yup. My man!’”

Whether you’re a Beth fan or a Jamie fan – or, improbably, both – don’t forget to tune in for the Season 4 premiere. It airs Sunday, Nov. 7 exclusively on the Paramount Network.