‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate: How Many Bodies Are Stacked Up at the Train Station?

by Thad Mitchell

Another season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has come and gone and fans of the show have lots of questions, with one particularly big one about the train station.

WARNING: Major Season 4 spoilers below!

Garrett Randall becomes the latest body thrown over the ledge of the infamous “train station” location. The train station, of course, is where the Dutton Family disposes of their dead enemies. Now, fans are curious as to just how many bodies have been pushed over the cliff. It is the subject of a recent Reddit debate as fans share their theories on just how many bodies lie at the train station.

“So how many bodies are at the bottom of the train station?” a Reddit user asks. “And who will blow the whistle on the dumping ground?”

“Yellowstone” fans have plenty of thoughts on this subject.

“Let’s just say the Dutton crime family murders at least two persons per year since the early 2000s,” another Redditor surmises. “So that’s at least 40 bodies?”

This is a rather sound reasoning. We have no way of knowing just how many bodies are down there. We’ve seen characters like trouble-making ranch hand Fred, Dutton family attack planner Checkers, and the aforementioned Garrett Randall tossed off the side. Chances are — there are a lot more than three bodies down there.

“A lot — maybe a hundred skeletons,” another Reddit user says. “And the Duttons aren’t the only ones who buried their dirty secrets at the bottom of this canyon.”

‘Yellowstone’ Concludes Season With a Trip to the Train Station

As we all thought, the season four finale was full of twists and turns that will deeply affect the “Yellowstone” future. One of the biggest surprises of the fourth season finale was Jamie Dutton shooting and killing his biological father, Garrett Randall. It was Jamie’s last resort as it was either kill his father or be killed by the Dutton family and/or Rip Wheeler. Randall did not put up a struggle, allowing his son to kill him, knowing it was best for him.

After killing his father, Jamie loads up his body and takes it to the “train station” to dispose of the evidence. Waiting on him there is his sister, Beth Dutton, who snaps a picture of Jamie’s dirty deed. Beth now has all of the leverage she will even need against Jamie, but who knows how she will use it. Many “Yellowstone” fans speculate Beth will use the photo to blackmail Jamie into dropping out of the race for Montana Governor. Doing so would ensure that John Dutton wins the election and office.

The biggest question now regarding the train station is if it will ever be discovered. That would put the Dutton family in a whole heap of trouble. We’ll have to wait until the fifth season to find out.