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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate If John Dutton Underpays His Ranch Hands or Gives Them a Fair Deal

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In the absence of their favorite show, fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are getting creative to find their western fix.

A trip to Reddit’s dedicated “Yellowstone” forum can be a worthwhile trip for fans of the show to make. In this forum, you will find “Yellowstone” talk galore as the site’s fans simply want to talk about their show. Topics to be found on this form range greatly. Some Redditors want to know where they can find a clothing store that sells western gear similar to what is seen on the show. Other love to post their theories and speculate on what’s to come in the upcoming new season. Some even want to know the secret to growing an awesome mustache, such as the one possessed by ranch hand Lloyd. There is no telling what you might find on the “Yellowstone” Reddit page.

A recent thread on the site asks if “Yellowstone” Ranch owner John Dutton pays his ranch hands fairly. In a scene from an earlier season, we hear ranch hand Walker says he makes $400 per week. Some hands could make more or less, but we will say the average in a weekly $400.

“Walker says they only make $400 a week.” a “Yellowstone” fan says. “That sounds like nothing, but thinking about it, they don’t pay rent or mortgage, don’t need to buy food, don’t need to support a vehicle with gas, insurance or repairs.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Weekly Wages

The Redditor continues an attempt to figure up just how much a ranch hand makes on “Yellowstone.”

“No monthly water bill, no electricity bill, no cable tv bill and no trash pick-up bill,” they continue. “The $1600 a month is just theirs, all living expenses paid. It seems sort of reasonable in that light. The only snag would be if any of them are on the hook for alimony and/or child support. Other than that, $1600 a month, free and clear, all expenses paid, seems reasonable, not a bad wage. I’m just a working-class person. I’d be thrilled to have $1600 a month left over after all living expenses are paid.”

There are a lot of assumptions made in the post and we really don’t know just what the “Yellowstone” ranch hands are responsible for. Still, there are some valid points raised here. Another fan points out that being a cowboy isn’t likely to make you financially rich but will make you spiritually rich.

“It’s good, while you’re working, but you’ll never truly own much if you’re making that little,” the poster says.

Maybe we’ll see the ranch hands get a raise in season four as they prepare to avenge Dutton family attackers. Season four will premiere on November 7.