‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate: Is the Train Station a ‘Plot Hole’?

by Leanne Stahulak

Longtime “Yellowstone” fans know all about the notorious “train station” mentioned on the show and what it means. Ever since “Yellowstone” Season 1, we’ve watched Rip, Lloyd, John, and others take certain people to this train station when they become a liability. For those who aren’t familiar, the train station is a code name of sorts for this cliff in Wyoming where the Duttons toss dead bodies. As Lloyd explained in one episode, there’s no one around the area for several miles, which creates certain legal loopholes if the bodies were ever to be found.

But one “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit questions whether the train station could ever actually work. Is it actually a plot hole?

As the fan said, “The idea is nice, but what are the odds that nobody finds dozens of bodies at this location? All it takes is one hiker. This needs to be a plot point in the future, in which the bodies are stumbled upon and a big investigation opens up.”

Several fans took to the comments of the post with their hot takes on the infamous train station. As a reminder, Lloyd said in the episode that the Duttons aren’t the only ones who use that place.

“It’d be interesting if two ‘problems’ were attempted to be ditched at the same time,” one “Yellowstone” fan commented. “If it’s such a popular spot, then let’s see two different people navigate having their ‘issue’ witnessed at the same time.”

Could you imagine Rip running into someone else dumping a body off the cliff? There might be two passengers heading on that train then. But other “Yellowstone” fans brought up several logistic issues concerning the train station.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Talk Train Station Logisitcs

While the original poster mentioned a hiker discovering the bodies, someone else brought up how inaccessible the area likely is. But on the other hand, someone using a drone could easily discover the remains at the bottom of the cliff.

Though, what would they find? As one “Yellowstone” fan put it, “I think you might be surprised just how remote things can get in that part of the country. After a week or two, there wouldn’t be anything left to find but a few bones maybe. At the bottom of a gulch no one ever goes down.”

Add in wolves, bears, and other scavengers, and it would likely be hard to recognize some of these folks. Especially if no one’s looking for them.

“We can’t find people missing in cities every day,” someone wrote. “But a cliff in Wyoming would be a step too far for them lol. You could give a map and still have a hard time finding a body when you got there. The West is about as easy to find something as the swamps in the South. Ain’t happening without help and a metric ton of luck.”

So now, only one question remains: Do we want to see the authorities discover the train station to stir up drama on the show? A huge investigation could lead to a lot of people sniffing around the Duttons. It could create excitement for Season 5 or beyond.

Tell us your thoughts, “Yellowstone” fans.