‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate: Should Kayce Leave Monica for Avery?

by Courtney Blackann

Torn between two cultures and two opposing forces, Kayce Dutton and his wife Monica are no strangers to conflict.

Monica is driven by her heritage, while Kayce is driven by John Dutton. He struggles to find a balance between his own growing family and his obligations to the Yellowstone. And while the young couple always seems to have conflict rearing its ugly head, some fans of the show think it may be time for Kayce to move on.

Now, if you remember, Monica struggled with her faithfulness to Kayce in previous seasons of “Yellowstone.” Under frustrating circumstances, Kayce and Monica separate – which is when she grows close to another man. However, this doesn’t last long when she realizes Kayce is the only man she’ll ever need.

But in season four, a former ranch hand has all eyes on Kayce. And she’s not exactly hard on the eyes – which makes Monica a bit insecure. If you remember, Avery was the cool, collected cowgirl Rip recruited to the Yellowstone after she was working in a club as a dancer. He gave her a way to make a living and offered her protection. Avery quickly showed the bunkhouse boys she wasn’t shy – or soft. During her time on the Ranch, she worked hard and showed no fear.

Fast forward to “Yellowstone’s” most recent episodes, and Avery is back on the reservation. When Kayce sees her, there’s a moment of obvious attraction – which Monica reacts to on more than one occasion. Her insecurities are validated when Avery tells Kayce she thinks she’s in love with him due to a “love at first sight” sort of thing.

However, Kayce, being the good guy he is, responds,” Can’t be love. God wouldn’t let you love something that can’t love you back.”

Regardless, following Kayce’s intense vision quest where he sees a possible end to him and his newly pregnant wife Monica, fans are sharing their own opinions about Monica and Avery.

“Yellowstone” Scenario Debated by Reddit Users

In a Reddit thread, a user posed the question, “Should Kayce and Avery get together?”

One fan concludes, “No. Kayce is loyal to a fault. He loves his wife, even if most on this subreddit do not. It would be completely out of character for him to do this to her, especially now that they’re expecting another kid. I think his vision of her, which he was horrified by and did not follow, was along the same lines as seeing Lee. He had to wait for the real temptation to see his destiny, not the more superficial subconscious problems.”

However, others have different ideas.

“I’d be open to it, but him and Monica would have to go separate ways first. Kayce is never going to be a cheater. Thats just not who that guy is,” the poster remarks.

Yet another fan hilariously expressed frustration with Monica’s character and hoped for her and Kayce’s demise.

“I think the producers went on a vision quest and saw that everyone hates Monica and she’s holding back the story, so yes. If Monica is out of the picture, Kayce can go back to the Ranch, because his wife isn’t crying about it. And he can get a new love interest who is into ranch stuff. And Tate can get back on the ranch and do fun things again. Him and Carter can get into trouble together.”