‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Major ‘Concern’ About Jamie and Beth Dutton

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

One of the most complex and entertaining relationships on the hit series “Yellowstone” is that of Jamie and Beth Dutton.

Though they are brother and sister, the “Yellowstone” siblings do not like each other very much. Their hatred for each stems from an event from their childhood. Learning that she is pregnant at a young age, Beth asks her older brother for help in terminating the pregnancy. Jamie agrees to help his sister and takes her to a clinic. Without Beth’s knowledge, Jamie agrees to a procedure that would leave Beth unable to bear children. Now, both are adults with a high level of contempt for each other. It is one of the most compelling aspects of “Yellowstone” and one we will undoubtedly revisit in the upcoming new season.

Fans just discovering “Yellowstone” have many questions about the show. On Reddit, an online forum site, they can ask veteran fan questions and get straightforward answers. In a recent thread, a “Yellowstone” wants to know a little more about the Jamie and Beth dynamic.

“It’s the scene where Beth and Jaime are in the truck driving,” the Reddit user points out. “Beth holds the gun under her chin relating why she acts the way she does. After the shot goes off and Jaime takes the gun from her, he says something to the effect of “If hating me keeps you from hating yourself, then do that because that is what family is for.”

The fan then questions the creative design between the brother and sister, asking for thoughts from fellow “Yellowstone” fans. There are plenty of opinions and views regarding the volatile relationship between Jamie and Beth. The Reddit thread leads to some interesting analysis from the show’s fan base.

‘Yellowstone’ Feeds Off of Jamie and Beth Dutton Rivalry

“Yellowstone” fans were quick with their responses to the Reddit thread. One responder chops the incident to foolish kids being foolish kids.

“Jamie was a stupid goofy teenager just like Beth when that abortion-hysterectomy happened,” the Redditor says. “When has a teenager EVER given profound thought that the action taken today will profoundly affect lives in decades to come. Never, they think in the now, today, this minute, what’s right in front of them.”

It is sound reasoning for sure as kids often think only in the moment. Another fan suggests that young Beth was too scared to turn to her father for help, so she turned to her brother.

Coming up with theories is part of the fun for “Yellowstone” watchers. The show does such a tremendous job with character development that fans want to know the motivation behind their actions. We certainly hope to dive deeper into the Beth and Jamie relationship in season our.

We are now just three days away from the season four premiere, which is set for this Sunday.