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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Some of Their Favorite John Dutton Dad Quotes

by Joe Rutland

There’s nothing like hearing Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton wax poetic as a father figure. This just makes John a little more lovable.

John Dutton, of course, is played by Kevin Costner on the Taylor Sheridan-created show.

What do these Yellowstone fans have to say about their favorite dad quotes from him? Let’s check this thread from Reddit.

The title is “John’s Best Parenting Moments/Quotes?”

One fan writes, “Since so much of the show is about the relationships he has with his kids, grandson, and his quasi-kids of Rip, Jimmy, Carter. What are your favorites?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Points Toward John’s Line About Beth In Front of Jamie

Then the fan continues, saying, “Just was re-watching some early episode (I think E5 of the first season?) where Beth comes home drunk and starts screaming when she sees John reading to Tate.”

The Redditor writes, “Jamie then asks his father why he doesn’t send her back to Salt Lake and John says: ‘Beth, and God how I love her, she can be what you will never be: she can be evil.’

“Then he gets up and says goodnight and leaves Jamie looking perplexed with his drink.”

We admit that the line right here is pretty good from Yellowstone.

Another Yellowstone fan writes, “I think my personal favorite quote is the moment he had in the first episode with Kayce. ‘Someday your son is going to test you. He’s going to force you to make a decision that not only determines his future but your place in it. I want you to remember me standing here, son, because this, this is a consequence of choosing wrong.'”

This fan does own up that he wasn’t sure if that was the exact quote directly “but it’s close enough.” The fan says this is a favorite because “it shows he is capable of growing and learning in regards to his children, which is absolutely something I want to see him come to terms with regarding Jamie specifically.”

Redditor Says John’s Response Is ‘Just What Grandparents Do’

Want to read a reply from another fan of Yellowstone?

“That’s just what grandparents do, always the good guys, because the everyday responsibility of teaching, guiding, and punishing the child isn’t theirs.”

The Redditor writes, “They are transformed from wicked, know-it-alls, trying to stand in the way of your happiness to the most generous, laid back, candy and toy giving saints. Then you’re like ‘Wow, where was this person when I was growing up?'”

And here’s one to close us out on this story. This one is when John and Rip are on the porch after the bear incident.

This fan writes that “a car pulls up and John said, ‘I wonder which one of my disappointments this is.”