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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Their Favorite Couples From the Show’s Four Seasons

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Rip and Beth. Kayce and Monica. John and Summer? Yellowstone has some couples through Season 4 right now. But fans are thinking longer. As in over the past four seasons, who are some of their favorite Yellowstone couples? Yes, we just did name three that are getting some time right now. Probably, there are others in the works for Season 5 but we don’t have any news about that at all. So, what do these fans do for fun while waiting around for a new season? Talk about this in a thread over on Reddit.

‘Yellowstone’ Favorite Couples Get Lot of Votes From Different Fans

So, the original poster lists four Yellowstone couples at the start. They are Beth and Rip, Kayce and Monica, John & Linelle (not really a couple), and Jamie and Cristina. OK, so the first reply comes in with “Ryan + Colby”. That’s followed with this statement: “Teeter ain’t gonna like this, but Jimmy’s new fiancé approves lol”. Another fan states: “I shouldn’t have doubted that this would be the top comment.”

This Yellowstone fan comes with receipts, too, with their comment. “Beth and Rip always. They have an unconditional love for each other. They don’t try to change each other.” And this fan adds a quote from actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, in an interview she did with Deadline.

“Beth and Rip are soulmates and have been since they met,” Reilly said. “They are so tough and hard-headed and the capacity of violence is in them both, but they provide a safe haven for quiet, peace, and love and she doesn’t have that with anyone else in the show. … We see them with all the other characters and then when they are together they just bring out a whole different color in each other.”

One Fan Puts Out A Pick For Colby and Teeter In The Mix

Wow. What a solid explanation for the couple from Reilly right there. And now, back to the thread. A Yellowstone fan says: “Colby and Teeter. Person to person interactions seemed the most entertaining”. Another vote here: “Beth and Rip! Always!” Then this fan offers another couple people might not think of a lot. The Redditor writes: “Mo and his wife. They are a married couple on and off-screen.”

Other replies for top couple don’t hang around the romantic side with a couple of characters. “Lloyd and Carter….such a wholesome bond between those two” one writes. Another states: “Kayces kid and the dog”.