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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Dissect Meaning Behind ‘Callous and Strange’ John Dutton Line to Jamie

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of “Yellowstone” can smell the return of their favorite show that is now just two weeks away.

“Yellowstone” is a show that gives us a taste of what the western ranching style looks like from a modern-day angle. Where the show really thrives is its tremendous character development and it sets the show apart from others. The actors dotting the show’s cast are terrific and appear to have been born to play their “Yellowstone” parts. The interactions between the characters are top-notch through and through. Perhaps the most interesting and dynamic relationship on the Dutton Ranch is that of John and Jamie Dutton.

Jamie is John’s adopted son, though Jamie does find this out until the third season. The Dutton family took Jamie in when he was just an infant. Coming from a broken home, Jamie was raised on the “Yellowstone” ranch with an interest in getting into politics. He would go on to earn an Ivy League education and become an attorney.

In the third season, he is elevated to Attorney General for the state of Montana. But, Jamie and John often butt heads when it comes to determining what is best for the ranch and what is best for the family. Their situation came to a head late in the third season in a spectacular scene that fans are still talking about. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss the intense scene between Jamie and John and its ramifications moving forward.

“Was re-watching season three, episode seven yesterday and noticed this line when Jamie confronts John about his adoption,” the Redditor says. “John says he will continue to call Jamie son because he’s ‘earned the right and earning it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.'”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Study Relationship of John and Jamie Dutton

The relationship of this father and adopted son is very delicate and it feels like it could fall apart — if it hasn’t already. Numerous “Yellowstone” fans contribute to the discussion, attempting to dissect just what John means in the line.

“If, as a parent, it’s not the hardest thing you’ve ever done you ain’t doing it right,” another fan says.

“That’s how I took it, too,” another Reddit user proclaims. “He endured the hardships of parenting so he earned the title. I think he’d say it for the other kids, too.”

Taking in youngsters with nowhere to turn isn’t new to the Dutton family. Rip Wheeler was also taken in and put to work on the ranch. The difference between Rip and Jamie’s situation is Rip was cognitive of what was happening. Jamie was just a baby when he came to the “Yellowstone” Ranch.

The dynamics of the Jamie and John Dutton relationship are likely to be a big part of the upcoming fourth season. The fourth season will premiere on November 7.