‘Yellowstone’ Fans Don’t Think the Ranch Will Stay in the Dutton Family

by Jonathan Howard

With another season of Yellowstone currently under production, fans are wondering what the future holds. Like what will become of the ranch. Will the Dutton family be able to hold onto it forever? With all of the outside forces coming down on the family all the time, it is hard to believe it will. Besides, in some ways, it feels like they aren’t meant to keep their ranch, and perhaps they don’t deserve to.

We know Taylor Sheridan isn’t afraid to have tragic moments. So, why count out the possibility that the Dutton family eventually loses what they’ve worked so hard to maintain? Now, there are many clues and hints along the way to help fans piece things together.

One fan posed the question on the Yellowstone subreddit, “Have we forgotten about the Native Americans?”

“My questions: has everyone just forgotten about the entire Native American angle? I’m so confused as to how people think the ranch stays with the Duttons. Like, genuinely baffled. To me the ranch [is] winding up with the tribe, whether through Tate or a conveyance to the tribe, has been the end game since, oh, the pilot episode.”

They weren’t alone in their thoughts.

“In 1883 the Native chief tells James Dutton that his people will reclaim the land in seven generations,” u/No_Home1070 said. “I think that Tate is the seventh generation Dutton and he’s half-native so the writers will probably do something with that.”

With the seventh generation, could come a new era on the Dutton ranch. Young Tate is a good choice for the future inheritor of the ranch, bringing it back to the Native people to whom it once belonged. Or, we could get thrown a curveball before it is all said and done, hard to say.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Skeptical of Ranch Inheritance

Of course, where there are fans that believe the ranch will ultimately be taken by the Native tribe, it’s not so cut and dry. Other fans know that Taylor Sheridan is creative and doesn’t always do things how you expect him to. So, what else could happen? If not to the tribes through Tate, then what?

“Land cannot just be transferred to the tribe. To do so would require the approval of the state and federal governments,” u/AnnaNonna replied. “Why would they approve something that eliminates millions of tax dollars for their coffers? The reservation land is actually owned by the federal government which is why there isn’t any property tax. Unless the land stays with the Duttons, it will be developed and [its] natural beauty destroyed. We all know Rainwater and Mo don’t want that to happen.”

Season 5 of Yellowstone is going to have a lot of surprises. Perhaps we won’t see the transfer of the land quite yet. But, there will be lots of twists and turns and surprises for fans throughout, we know that much. Can November get here like, next week?