‘Yellowstone’ Fans Draw Connection Between Kayce Scene and Kevin Costner Classic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Despite being in the middle of a brand new season, fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” simply cannot get enough.

So when these hardcore fans aren’t watching “Yellowstone,” their preferred activity is talking about the modern western drama. Social media and various forum websites are a treasure trove of “Yellowstone” discussion and all are invited. Fans discuss everything on the show from the Dutton Family power structure to how to grow a Lloyd mustache. One of the favorite pastimes for these fans is sharing their theories and gaining feedback from fellow viewers. We’ve seen some real doozies over the first three seasons and more of the same from the current season.

In a recent Reddit thread, one “Yellowstone” fan thinks they’ve found a link between Kayce Dutton and a Kevin Costner classic film. Costner plays Kayce Dutton’s father, John Dutton, on the show. The fan recalls a scene in which Kayce appears to be communicating with a wolf. The connection to Kevin Costner’s hit film “Dances With Wolves,” is a bit far-fetched but entertaining, to say the least.

“So, Kevin Costner’s son on the show can talk to wolves,” the Reddit user and “Yellowstone” fan says.

Now, Kayce can’t actually talk to wolves, or at least we don’t think that he can. Maybe that’s a plot twist in a future episode when the train leaves the tracks. Still, the “Yellowstone” Reddit post sparked a lively discussion among the show’s enormous fan base. Kayce is a fan favorite and his role in the fourth season has only served to increase his popularity.

“I hadn’t made that connection…but good for you,” another Reddit user replies.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Chime in on Kayce Dutton Scene

Fans of the show had plenty to say about the wolf-talking scene with Kayce Dutton.

“I loved that scene with Kayce talking to the wolf,” a fan writes in the thread. “His tone of voice, the emotion on his face, was like a glimpse into Kayce’s soul. He really didn’t want to hurt the wolf, but he was willing to if certain boundries were to be crossed. That whole scene basically summed up Kayce’s belief system. This is mine, that is yours — we can be friends if that is respected.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan says the scene makes distinguishments between Kayce and other characters.

“My favorite Kayce scene,” another Reddit user says. “For me, it tells all we need to know about Kayce. Unlike Rip, he’ll kill ONLY on his terms, and after he’s exhausted all other options.”

Might we see more of Kayce’s conversations with the wolves of “Yellowstone” Ranch? It certainly would not surprise anyone. The next episode of season four will arrive tomorrow (Sunday).