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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Extremely Polarized Over Beth Dutton’s Behavior

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

There might not be a more polarizing character currently on television than “Yellowstone’s” Beth Dutton.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series are still trying to figure her out after four “Yellowstone” seasons. Opinions of Beth Dutton are pretty evenly split among the show’s enormous fan base. If you were to ask a handful of “Yellowstone” fans for their thoughts on Beth Dutton — you would likely get several different answers. Some “Yellowstone” fans believe Beth Dutton is the true hero of the show. Others believe she is the true villain of the heavily popular television show. One thing that every fan of the show agrees on is that Beth is an integral part of it. Some have even described Beth as the “heartbeat” of “Yellowstone,” proclaiming her to be the show’s most important character. It is a real tribute to the skills of Kelly Reilly, the actress bringing Beth Dutton to life. She’s made one of the most complex characters that television has ever seen.

“Yellowstone” fans love to share their thoughts on the show’s characters and that is especially true for Beth Dutton. A recent Reddit thread asks fans to declare their feelings on Beth via a poll. Participants can choose “love her,” “can’t stand her” or a combination of both. As you would expect, opinions on the most divisive character are split.

“I like her relationship with Rip and watching her stumble trying to parent Carter,” a Reddit user says. “The last 2 seasons her ‘business’ dealings seem so unbelievable. No one would put up with her behavior.”

“Was just rewatching season 1 yesterday and she was a lot more well-rounded and likable,” another Redditor says. “Now she’s so one-toned it’s annoying. What I find particularly annoying is how extreme her disdain for Jamie has become.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have ‘Love-Hate’ Relationship With Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton can be a little over the top for some “Yellowstone” fans as she shows little pity or sympathy toward anyone. Others admire her “at all cost” attitude and willingness to play dirty when called upon.

“I’d like her a lot more if they toned her down just a bit,” a fan says. “She’s a pretty unbelievable character. Plus, anyone who acted like that in real life wouldn’t be “cool” or “badass” they would be super cringey. The type of person who thinks they’re cool but everyone is laughing behind their back.”

“I have different responses for the first few seasons vs the last season,” another says. “I couldn’t stand her this last season but liked her up until that point.”

Despite your feelings toward Beth Dutton, it is safe to say that every “Yellowstone” fan is excited to see her return for season five. We will see what the new season has in store for the “Yellowstone” Ranch queen.