‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over Season 5 Renewal

by Jennifer Shea

With Yellowstone formally renewed for Season 5, Yellowstone fans can officially celebrate. And, in fact, they have.

Fans took to Reddit yesterday to take a victory lap on Yellowstone’s behalf and to debate the implications of the recent renewal. They also weighed in on some of the developments from Season 4 and shared their excitement at the prospect of seeing their favorite characters again.

Season 5 Was a Near-Certainty After Season 4 Ratings

Yellowstone fans were quick to point out that with the show’s sky-high ratings, devoted fanbase and recent industry recognition, renewing it was an easy call. And while some fans on Reddit have insisted that Season 4 was no Season 3 – it lacked the spectacular violence and highly-wrought suspense of the previous season – there was no question that they’d be back for more.

“Given [its] ratings, this was a foregone conclusion,” one fan posted. “Season 4 wasn’t great, but I still have faith that Taylor can turn it around. Hopefully he takes some of the criticism to heart… I think his attention was too divided in season 4. Hopefully that will change.”

“That was a no brainer,” another fan agreed about the Season 5 renewal. “Did they actually have to think about it??”

Fans Make Their Requests for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

In reacting to the Season 5 renewal news, fans also began pitching their ideas. They voiced hopes for potential storylines and for the spinoffs.

“I hope season 5 is when Jaimie finally grows a set. And outsmarts Beth,” one fan posted. “She plays the heel so great. I’m dying to see her get whats coming to her.”

Even though Yellowstone has only been confirmed for 5 seasons, many die-hard fans are in it for the long haul. “I love Yellowstone and I expect to watch it until the series end,” another fan commented. “There’s much more to love about Yellowstone than there is to dislike.”

As “Yellowstone” fans are aware, some of Season 4 was devoted to setting up spinoff shows 1883 and 6666. One fan points out that the “6666” series has a lot to work with, “There’s plenty of ways to build a successful show around 6666, they are after all a real, legendary ranch that worked hard for 150 years to earn that reputation.”

What direction Sheridan takes his cast in Season 5 remains to be seen. But the wait between seasons should be a little easier on fans with the knowledge that Season 5 is likely to premiere sometime next autumn.