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‘Yellowstone’ Fans in Full-On Panic Thinking Beth Dutton Is a Goner

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is down to its final hoorah with just one episode left.

The latest episode of “Yellowstone,” season four’s ninth, was a real doozy that has fans on edge. In a shocker, John Dutton all but kicks his daughter, Beth Dutton, out of his home. Even as Beth tries to plead with him, John says he’s had enough of her malicious actions. He tells her it is time to find another home while he focuses on his campaign for the Montana Governor position. That isn’t even the worst part for Beth, as it also appears her fiance, Rip Wheeler, has grown tired of her hurtful antics. As he witnesses Beth crying in the most recent episode, he turns his back to her. It definitely seems like there is trouble in paradise for the first couple of “Yellowstone.”

Now, “Yellowstone” fans are wondering what will become of Beth after the fourth season. The two men in her life, John and Rip, have seemingly grown wary of her wicked ways. Could this spell the end of Beth’s time on the hit television show?

Beth is the favorite character of many “Yellowstone” fans. Seeing her death in the season four finale would be extremely hard to stomach. Still, this is “Yellowstone,” and the first rule of being a fan is to expect the unexpected. A major character death, like Beth, would certainly be a big-time shocker. Many fans are hoping and praying that Beth finds redemption and the good graces of her father. We will be holding our breath as the last seconds of season four tick away.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four’s Finale Is This Sunday

It seems unfathomable to “Yellowstone” fans that are beloved modern western drama will soon be leaving us again. We waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the fourth season to arrive and now it is almost over. While fans are sad that the fourth season is ending, we are all very excited to see what happens. Numerous “Yellowstone” actors have teased another cliffhanging finale on par with the previous season finale. That remains to be seen, but no one would be surprised if “Yellowstone” topped the season three ending. There is sure to be plenty of drama left for the final episode, and we hope that some of our many questions get answers in the finale.

It very well could be that we’ve seen the last of Beth Dutton. The same could be true of Rip Wheeler, Kayce Dutton, or even John Dutton. “Yellowstone” writers seemingly have no qualms about killing off major characters.

As “Yellowstone” fans, the best thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the potential of a heartbreaker in the season finale. It is certain to be an emotional ride for all of us.