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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over Jimmy’s Scene With Emily Set To a Jason Isbell Hit

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Jimmy (Jefferson White) is a fan favorite on Yellowstone, and he’s been through a lot, from being dumped in Texas by the Dutton Ranch to being dumped by Mia (Eden Brolin). So during Sunday night’s new episode, fans were really rooting for the reluctant ranch hand on his date with vet tech Emily (Kathryn Kelly).

Let’s just say the date went well, and as it did, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions. The after-date sequence was set to a Jason Isbell hit, “Cover Me Up.” And Emily kicked that part of the evening off with a question for Jimmy.

“What would a cowboy do?” she asks him.

Yellowstone Fans Cheer Jimmy On

As the scene in question aired, Twitter exploded with fan cheers and commentary. Some fans were so thrilled for Jimmy that they actually posted video of the episode playing across their television screens.

“Yes!!! Perfect choice @AvonFoerster @JasonIsbell,” one fan tweeted. “One of my favorite songs ever.”

“You gotta love Jimmy. #YellowstoneTV,” another fan cheered.

“Can’t beat some @JasonIsbell on Yellowstone,” yet another fan chimed in.

“Good for you, Jimmy. Good for you. #YellowstoneTV,” another fan tweeted.

Jimmy Has Had a Tough Go of It

After Jimmy survived his second near-crippling rodeo accident, his boss, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), decided he’d had enough. Jimmy was no use to him while he recovered, and when he got better, he’d just do it again as long as Mia was around to egg him on. So John sent Jimmy to represent the Dutton brand at the Four Sixes.

It was a rough transition for Jimmy, who had to leave behind the first serious girlfriend he’d ever had. And Mia didn’t exactly make things easy on Jimmy, walking away from him in disgust and refusing to talk to him at their final opportunity to do so.

As Jimmy left the Dutton Ranch, it seemed the only one not kicking him on the way out was Walker (Ryan Bingham). The ex-con told Jimmy that the Four Sixes, where Jimmy was headed, was a place for cowboying without ego and bullsh-t, and his greatest regret in life was leaving that ranch.

It looks like Jimmy is finally settling in at the Four Sixes, and maybe starting to see the appeal of leaving the Dutton Ranch behind. And Yellowstone fans are here for it.