‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over the Kayce-Mo Wild Horse Scene

by Jon D. B.

“Am I the only one who teared up when the horses went home to the Rez?” asks one Yellowstone fan amidst heaps of thundering praise.

As Yellowstone follower Margie says: “I could have listened to and watched that scene all night! #ThunderingHooves.”

That scene, of course, was the triumphant release & return of the Broken Rock Reservation’s stolen horses by Kayce & Mo. These two make for a fantastic duo, and the sequence at large felt like a return to Yellowstone proper for Season 4. Fans obviously agree.

“This scene took my breath away. There is nothing more beautiful than running horses,” echoes fan Dede of the majestic footage.

But there’s one commenter who got to experience it all first-hand. That’s actor Matty Medrano who audiences just saw as Agent Sodero. He’s the one telling Kayce & Mo they have “til Friday” to get the horses back home, and he immensely enjoyed his part.

“All I can say is being here in this scene was absolutely mind blowing and majestic! The ground was rumbling. It was an honor to be in this episode!” Medrano comments on Yellowstone‘s Instagram.

‘Yellowstone’ Addresses ‘Government’s Care’ for Mustangs in This Scene, Too

If you’ve been here at Outsider with us for a while, then you know Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan is keen on including real-world scenarios and lessons into the show. His latest comes through strongly in Season 4, Episode 7’s sequence above.

“This was HUGE and about sums up the government’s care for and of the mustangs!!!!” emphasizes fan Missy. “I have volunteered w three mustangs,” she says, and as she explains: “Helicopter round ups are sooooooo stressful for them. Even the agent here is flippant about it.”

Moreover, the sequence speaks directly to government treatment of Indigenous peoples, their lands and their properties. These horses were clearly branded and shoed, yet Agent Sodero didn’t even think (or care enough) to examine the horses to check.

This is a raging issue in Montana and elsewhere out West, and fans like Missy (who live it) are very happy to see addressed on such a high-profile show as Yellowstone.

‘Sometimes It’s the Little Victories That Matter Most’

As Yellowstone‘s Instagram captions this part of the episode and Thomas Rainwater himself says in the episode: “Sometimes it’s the little victories that matter most.”

The return of these horses may be a “little victory” in the eyes of Rainwater, a man who has far more enormous fish to fry. But to so many on the Res, this was as big as victories come – and something we hope to see a lot more of in Yellowstone episodes to come.