‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have a Hilarious But Unlikely Culprit for Dutton Attacks

by Joe Rutland

Look, Outsiders, we all want to know who is behind those vicious attacks on “Yellowstone” against John Dutton and his family.

Yet there are some fans who already are calling out a food group that might have been the guilty party. Could it be the biscuits?

That’s what one “Yellowstone” fan believes as a Reddit thread tackles the tasty, tantalizing food.

Fan newton302 wrote, “The Biscuits Did It.” Then Redditor detectivebob2452 wrote, “Gator gotta have his gat.” Now harrisdoodle replied to that post, “Pimps don’t cryyy”.

Redditor AmericanWanderlust wrote, “LOL. Well you know, there is that scene earlier this season (or maybe it was 2) when John says to Kayce that his mother spent all night baking those biscuits because Kayce loved them so much. And, her last words to John before going out on her fatal ride were about the biscuits. So, fair warning to Gator when the baddies storm the ranch: HIDE. Those biscuits could be your downfall!”

‘Yellowstone’ Plot Twist Draws Many Thoughts About Food

Caspianfutw got the hint from that post. This Redditor wrote about “Yellowstone” and those biscuits, “Damn, just like with the godfather. Whenever you saw the oranges you knew someone was getting whacked”. That stirred newton302 to reply, “Woa! I remember that part now that you mention it. ‘She told me she hated making those biscuits and only did it so she could watch Kayce eating them.’ And boom.”

So, Roamin_Horseman chipped in this “Yellowstone” tidbit. “It was season 3. They were in the backcountry. That season also started with John predicting his fate in the final episode when talking to Tate about nightmares”.

Redditor imover9thousand perked up and wrote, “Never disrespect someone handling your food.”

There are other responses about this introspective, funny, and oh-so-not-possible look at who shot John. Tune in to “Yellowstone” and its season opener on Nov. 7. We’re supposed to really get some insight around these attacks. Maybe the biscuits did it. We don’t think so but, hey, we’ll just tune in and see what’s cooking for another season. Are you ready?

TV Drama Was Up For Specific Emmy Award But Didn’t Get It

Since “Yellowstone” is such a powerful drama, it should be winning the Emmy Awards left and right.

Now creator and executive producer Taylor Sheridan has a solid hit series. Isn’t it worth all the Emmys as the No. 1 show on cable TV?

Maybe so. Well, the show was up for an Emmy this year in “Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour or More).” Cary White, Yvonne Boudreaux, and Carla Curry were nominated for the episode “Going Back to Cali.”

But Variety reported that HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” picked up that Emmy.