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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Major Questions About Branded Ranch Hands

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

It’s been an exciting start to the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and you can bet it is only going to get wilder as we roll along.

Last season, we learned that several of the bunkhouse crew bear the “Yellowstone” brand. We also see several members of the crew earn their “Y” brands by participating in the murder of Clint and Wade Morrow.

Colby, Teeter, and Ryan joined the ranks of the branded toward the end of the third season. Now, inquisitive “Yellowstone” fans want to know what becomes of branded ranch hands that can no longer perform their duties. It is the subject of a spirited debate in a recent Reddit thread.

“What happens when the branded bunkhouse guys like Lloyd get too old to perform ranch hand duties?” the fan wants to know.

It is a fair question but it should be noted that Lloyd is more than holding his own at his advanced age. More than likely, they just retire — but let’s see what other theories “Yellowstone” fans can come up with.

“He’ll clean the stalls to give him something to do,” one fan suggests. Old Cowboys never die, they just fade away.

“I’d imagine he would become side help but very minimal and just get to take it easy on the ranch,” another Redditor says.

“One of the ranches in Texas has a cowboy who is elderly,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “The family told him he can comfortably live out his days there since he’s been there his whole life.”

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch Hands Serve a Vital Purpose

Much of this season’s action is coming straight out of the “Yellowstone” Ranch bunkhouse. The bunkhouse crew is a team of capable cowboys and cowgirls that take care of the work needed at the ranch.

We don’t know the exact number of cowboys on the bunkhouse crew but it may be around 10. The group handles ranching responsibilities like constructing new fencing and wrangling wandering cattle. But, the bunkhouse crew also has another secondary purpose in that they act as a small army to protect the ranch.

We saw just how well they do that job in the very first episode of season four. They were easily able to dispatch attackers who had made their way onto the ranch. Working as a team, they took every last one of the ambushers, loaded the bodies onto Lloyd’s truck and disposed of them. It’s all in a day’s work for the bunkhouse team.

We have yet to see what happens to a “too old” ranch hand on the “Yellowstone” Ranch. It is likely that we will never will. But, we are likely to see the bunkhouse crew dole out some butt-kickings in the near future.

The next brand new episode of “Yellowstone” will hit the air tomorrow (Sunday) night.