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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have One Concern About Kayce Dutton’s Season 4 Storyline

by Leanne Stahulak

We’re coming to the end of “Yellowstone” Season 4, and fans still have some questions about Kayce Dutton’s storyline.

At the beginning of Season 4, Kayce had a specific purpose. His father asked him to take out all the militiamen who attacked them during the Season 3 finale. Kayce did just that with the help of the Sheriff’s office. After that, though, Kayce seemed to lose a bit of direction and not quite know what he wanted to do with his life next.

We know he makes a fantastic livestock commissioner and that he’s happy in his new home with Monica and Tate. But is he done fighting? All we’ve done over the last four seasons of “Yellowstone” is watch Kayce fight to protect his family. But now that there’s currently no one and nothing to fight against, he seems lost and directionless.

That’s where the spiritual journey with Mo and Thomas Rainwater came in last episode. Kayce dedicated himself to this Native American ceremony so he can really confront who he is inside. But when (if) he comes out on the other side of it, will he still be the Kayce Dutton we know and love?

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In On Kayce’s Journey This Season

Some “Yellowstone” fans hope for Kayce’s transformation, while others hope he goes back to himself. Fans shared their thoughts in a recent Reddit post recapping the episode.

“Remember when Kayce actually used to do stuff on the show?” one Reddit user wrote on the thread. Someone replied, “I remember the good old days when they had Kayce randomly get into shootouts and fights. Sigh.”

This episode has had sadly little action from Kayce, aside from catching some horse thieves and tracking down militiamen. Others wonder if this ceremony indicates his eventual departure from the show.

“I have a feeling Kayce is going to be phased out completely sooner than later. He went from potentially being governor (end of last season) to a spiritual journey where he’ll come out the other side a different man,” another person said.

Someone replied, “I don’t think Kayce is going anywhere. Self-reflection and clarity of his path in life will bring more understanding and intensity to the character. He’ll be on through the end of the show.”

“Yellowstone” fans can only hope. Especially if the ceremony goes well for him. “I’m really curious to see where Kayce’s spiritual journey will lead him,” one fan put out there.

This “Yellowstone” fan brought up a super interesting take on one of John Dutton’s lines. “I don’t think it was a coincidence that right after they told Kayce his spirit animal was a wolf, John told Beth ‘We don’t kill sheep, we kill wolves.'” Could this be a major foreshadowing of Kayce’s death?

As much as we both hope and dread that it is, one fan said, “Yeah that would be cool like…if they actually do something about it. So far this season it felt like storylines dropped like flies so who knows.”

What do you want to see from Kayce’s spiritual journey? Sound off, Outsiders!