‘Yellowstone’ Fans Imagine Beth Dutton on ‘The View,’ And It’s Pure Entertainment

by Thad Mitchell

The force of nature that fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” know as Beth Dutton appears ready to wreak havoc.

Beth Dutton, the queen of “Yellowstone” Ranch, is one of the most well-written characters currently on television. Combine that excellent writing with the immense skillset that Kelly Reilly brings and you have one of the most liked TV characters ever. With her supreme intellect, brash confidence and foul mouth, Beth Dutton is a role model to many “Yellowstone” fans. We’re not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but let’s be honest, there are far worse characters out there to look up to. In a television series with many of them, Beth is the ultimate badass. To run afoul of Beth Dutton is to invite trouble to your front door.

In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans ponder how Beth would be as a real person. And to add even more entertainment to this scenario, let’s pretend she is a cast member of “The View. The possibilities are certainly endless, though it would be hard to imagine Beth Dutton keeping her job on “The View” with the amount of profanity that comes out of her mouth. “Yellowstone” fans on Reddit had fun discussing the possibilities.

“I would buy it on pay per view,” a fan writes. “They would have to sign waivers and make sure their life insurance is up to date.”

“I can see it so clearly,” another Reddit user says. Beth, cigarette dangling from her lips, a tumbler of Tito’s in her left hand, snarling, ‘Which one of you f****** b****** wants to go first?'”

“I’d watch that show every day,” another says. “I don’t care how much y’all hate on Beth, her filthy soul makes me happy.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Been a Roller Coaster For Beth Dutton

Beth begins the fourth season of “Yellowstone” by surviving the attack on her life to end the previous season. That she survived a bomb exploding just feet away from her shows just how tough she really is.

She is alive and living with Rip Wheeler, her future husband, but is badly scarred from the bomb incident. We also see a side of Beth that we have yet to see through three seasons of “Yellowstone” and that is a “motherly” side.

While watching over her father’s recovery, she meets and bonds with the recently orphaned Carter. It was very interesting to see Beth’s nurturing and motherly side come out — even it didn’t last long.

Last week, we saw Beth take a job with Dutton family rival, Market Equities. We don’t what it is yet, but something tells me Beth has something up her sleeve for Caroline Warner and her organization.

Perhaps we will find out tonight (Sunday) when “Yellowstone” premieres its seventh episode of season four.