‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Incorrectly Thinking Sally Struthers Is Playing New Character

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s an honest mistake for some Yellowstone fans, confusing raspy-voiced blonde actresses of a certain age. One is a two-time Emmy winner, the other is a two-time Academy Award nominee.

But no, Sally Struthers, a co-star on the iconic 1970s-era All in the Family comedy series, wasn’t on the premiere episode of Yellowstone Sunday night. She doesn’t portray Caroline Warner. That would actually be Jacki Weaver.

But if you did think Warner was Struthers, you weren’t alone. Do a casual check of Yellowstone social media to see how many people had the very same Struthers assumption.

Here’s a Struthers-related tweet: “It’s been a couple of decades since I’ve called a female a ‘broad.’ We used that word when we were in school. Beth Dutton of Yellowstone…is one tough ‘broad.’ Holy cow! Also starring tonight.. Sally Struthers from ‘All in the Family’ and Tim McGraw. Gotta love Costner! Fun.”

Yes, we think Beth Dutton is a definitive broad., maybe even a dame. No argument from the Outsider crowd on that point.

And even when the Yellowstone social media account tweeted an introduction to the new character, fans still thought she was Struthers.

One fan said: “I thought she was Sally Struthers, but her voice proved me wrong.” Another fan replied: “Looks just like Sally.”

Jacki Weaver plays Caroline Warner, the CEO of Market Equities. Both actresses are blonde. And both are 74. No doubt, Weaver as Warner will be a tough nemesis for Beth Dutton and the family.

Yellowstone fans would know right off the bat if Weaver actually used her real accent for Warner. After all, she’s an Aussie. But Americans are familiar with her work, even if they’re not sure if they saw her on television or the big screen.

Jacki Weaver’s Body of Work

She played Janine “Smurf” Cody, the matriarch of a crime family in the 2010 movie Animal Kingdom. That role garnered Weaver her first Academy Award nomination. Two years later, she played Bradley Cooper’s mother in Silver Linings Playbook. And she picked up her second Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. She’s also had roles in the movies Bird BoxWidowsThe Disaster ArtistStoker, and Magic in The Moonlight.

After Silver Linings Playbook, other folks confused the two actresses. The Village Voice described Weaver as Struther’s “spiritual twin,” referring to them both as “two stars separated at birth.”

So what do Yellowstone fans know about Caroline Warner? Market Equities made her CEO when Beth Dutton took down Willa Hayes portrayed by Karen Pittman. Fans of Apple TV’s The Morning Show know Pittman as powerful producer, Mia.

Weaver described her Yellowstone character in a recent interview with TV Insider.

“She’s a city slicker walking through fields of cowpats in designer heels and classy tailored suits,” Weaver said. “She looks out of place, but she’s terrifying. She takes no prisoners, treats everyone badly–and is going to add another dimension to the huge cataclysmic drama that is the Duttons.”