‘Yellowstone’ Fans Lose It As Emmy Awards Snub Western Again

by Jon D. B.

“The fact that Yellowstone and Kelly Reilly continue to be snubbed by the Emmys is embarrassing. Have the voters even watched the show?” tweets Joshua Buckley amidst the morning’s announcements.

And he’s not alone. The internet’s an angry place Tuesday morning as Emmy Award nominations go live. Alongside followers of shows like This Is Us, Yellowstone fans are also dealing with a complete snub on all Emmy nominations (more on that here). Firstly, Kelly Reilly is out for Lead Actress in a Drama. Secondly, Kevin Costner is out for Lead Actor in a Drama. Thirdly, Yellowstone is out for Best Drama entirely. Youch.

If Yellowstone fans on Twitter are to go by specifically, however, the Emmy Awards “wouldn’t know talent if it bit you in the a**,” says fan Krista.

“The Emmys are a joke,” she begins. “Mandy Moore snubbed. This is Us also snubbed. Yellowstone snubbed. I won’t watch it. You wouldn’t know talent if it bit you in the ass.”

Kevin Costner also has fans coming to his defense. “Kevin Costner is right there???? Stop overlooking Yellowstone,” tweets Aunt Wendy in kind.

Within, Wendy also retweets the Television Academy’s Emmy nominees for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. They are:

  • Jason Bateman for Ozark
  • Brian Cox for Succession
  • Lee Jung-Jae for Squid Game
  • Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul
  • Adam Scott for Severance
  • Jeremy Strong for Succession

“Anyway,” Wendy continues in a follow-up, “The academy might want to overlook Kelly Reilly, but you guys shouldn’t!! The range she has is outstanding. Hilarious, badass, devastating, haunting. I could go on,” she raves of the Beth Dutton actress.

Outsider agrees on all fronts. Reilly is indominable as Beth, as the Yellowstone clip Wendy includes shows:

Hollywood Trades, Too, Are Off-Put By ‘Yellowstone’ Emmy Snubs

But it’s not just fans who are coming to the Western’s defense. The Los Angeles Times, in particular, comes for the Television Academy hard. “Yellowstone was snubbed by #Emmys voters, failing to land a single nomination this morning,” the trade begins.

“Leave it to the dimwitted, doughy, overindulged big city elites at the television academy,” they cite of Glenn Whipp in their breakdown of all the snubs and surprises. Youch!

Deadline also comes for the Television Academy. A proponent of all things Taylor Sheridan, Deadline asks “No Yellowstone or Reservation Dogs nominations? What gives, Emmys?!”

In addition, Taika Waititi’s Indigenous American dramedy is one of only a handful of U.S. television shows tackling native stories alongside Yellowstone.

But in the end, perhaps it’s Twitter’s Tywin that has the right idea. “Yo Yellowstone, move to HBO,” he says. “They get you all the Emmys.”

For more on Yellowstone‘s Emmy situation, head on over to our ‘Yellowstone’ Snubbed On All 2022 Emmy Nominations next.

If you want to watch the snubs for yourself, however, you can do so below:

JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), also Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to host. Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma also speaks.

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