‘Yellowstone’ Fans Losing Their Minds With Season 4 Only Days Away

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

“Yellowstone” fans tend to be a dedicated lot. And by the time “Yellowstone” became the top drama on cable last season, it had amassed a lot of fans.

Now those fans are basically losing their minds with excitement as the long-awaited Season 4 premiere at last draws near. It’s due out Sunday, Nov. 7 – less than one week away.

On Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans are gathering to discuss the upcoming premiere and to vent their feelings about the wait. They’re also trading menu suggestions for the big night and, of course, debating who might be behind those Season 3 finale attacks on the Dutton clan.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Brimming with Excitement at Approaching Season 4 Premiere

It’s been a long wait for “Yellowstone” fans, who expected Season 4 to premiere in June, as past seasons had. When June passed with no premiere, some of them started to get antsy. But then, finally, word leaked out that Season 4 would premiere in November, five months later than they had expected it.

Now fans are literally counting down the hours, as the new Reddit thread shows. And while one week pales in comparison to five months, some fans noted that as the days whittle down, time seems to crawl ever slower.

“Gonna be one of the longest 7 days ever,” one fan posted to Reddit yesterday. Another fan suggested that posting to the forums would help to pass the time.

Meanwhile, other fans swapped food plans for premiere night. One “Yellowstone” fan said he had hors d’oeuvres already ordered. Another said she planned to get food delivered that night.

“BBQ ribs and crispy fries for me next Sunday evening,” yet another fan posted. “And NO phone.”

Series Stars Are Also Ready for Season 4 to Premiere

As the premiere draws closer, the show’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts have been dropping trailers and teasers left and right. And some of the “Yellowstone” cast have responded to those hints that Season 4 is approaching with comments of their own.

For example, star and executive producer Kevin Costner recently hopped onto Twitter to ask fans whether they think Beth (Kelly Reilly) and John Dutton (Costner) will survive the Season 3 finale attacks against them.

Chief Thomas Rainwater actor Gil Birmingham reacted quickly to the news of the premiere date on Instagram, saying he “can’t wait” for the Season 4 premiere. Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White also jumped onto Instagram to announce the new season’s premiere date, promising it’s the “best season yet.” And Carter actor Finn Little has started his own countdown of the days left until the new season premieres.

It looks like “Yellowstone” fans aren’t the only ones who are anxious for Season 4 to begin. And now, with less than a week to go, the Season 4 premiere is right around the corner. Don’t miss it.