‘Yellowstone’ Fans Make Case for Whether or Not Jamie Will Bite the Dust This Season

by Thad Mitchell

As the fourth season of “Yellowstone” hits the home stretch, fans are wondering if one key character will make it out alive.

“Yellowstone” shows no reservation when it comes to killing off primary characters. Knowing that any given character could go at any time creates the suspense that “Yellowstone” is known for. Now, fans are speculating that Jamie Dutton could be next in line for the train station.

It’s been a tumultuous season for Jamie Dutton, to say the least. The last episode sees his adoptive father, John Dutton, pull the ultimate power. He Declares his candidacy for Montana Governor. It is a position that Jamie covets and he is hurt by his father’s action. It could give Jamie enough motivation to team up with his biological father, Garrett Randall, to take out the Duttons. We all know how the “Yellowstone” ranchers handle betrayal and Jamie could be in the crosshairs. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss the possibility of Jamie’s death this season.

“I didn’t think he would bite the dust this season, but now I’m really beginning to wonder,” a Reddit user says. “For one, his character arc seems to be coming to a close in some ways. He has been reunited with his biological dad, baby mama, and child and found some element of love with the baby. Unless he can somehow outwit John and mobilize a gubernatorial campaign I just don’t know how much more there is to do with him. There was some speculation about this a while back but Wes Bentley was the only cast member not interviewed onset in all the promo materials.”

Several “Yellowstone” fans say they could see this scenario play out to end season four and Jamie.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Jamie Holds The Key To Season Four

Fans of the Paramount Network series are split on the subject of Jamie’s doom. But most, however, believe his future will play a key role in the remaining “Yellowstone” episodes. Some fans even think he will rejoin the Dutton family before the season is over.

“It seems to me that he’ll turn around and go back to the Dutton’s side,” another Redditor speculates.” I believe this is true because it’s obvious the birth father and girlfriend are using him.”

Another interesting theory states that Jamie’s past demons will come back into play.

“I feel like the reporter he killed will come back into play,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “The Duttons cleaned up after it so that alone would end his career if he tries to slight them.”

With just three episodes remaining for the fourth “Yellowstone” season, we should learn Jamie’s fate soon. What happens to him will likely have a huge impact on the future of the show.